Xindanwei is calling App developers for Coworking Manual & Application

September 17, 2011

Xindanwei is calling App developers for Coworking Manual & Application

As Xindanwei’s model grew, we began to attract enthusiastic calls, emails, Weibo’s and event invitations from people who were interested in what we were accomplishing. We are happy and honored by these attentions. But we struggled with our own capacity to respond to all these inquiries.

As the frontrunner and facilitator of “Shared and collaborative working community”, we hold on the principle of being open and collaborative. Xindanwei has long preached the benefits of being a shared space and we’ve been doing our best to encourage as many new spaces as possible. But gradually we realized that we needed another strategy to meet the growing interest in creating shared spaces and attract the real collaborators.

So we are creating this Coworking Manual series and we will be presenting this series in draft on Sep 17 at The Creator’s Project Beijing.

We hope to change our way of working, our way of thinking and our way of being creative in China through the coworking movement. This change cannot be achieved by Xindanwei alone. We wish to be joined by more people and resources to start this movement. We figured the best way to open our model – to reveal everything we have learned in hopes of supporting the emergence of new and better spaces – is to document what we have done and make it available to anybody who is interested.

In order to show this series on smart phones and devices and make it more accessible, interactive and updatable, we are looking for good app developer to work together to turn it into iApp. This initiative is made possible with the support from Haworth Asia Pacific Co Ltd.

Please send your resume to should it be any interest to you.

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