Chair Member:Eduardo Sojo Santos

April 16, 2013

Interview &Translation / Alice Dong

1. Welcome to, Please introduce yourself. Could you tell us where you’re from and you worked for Unilever,can you tell me about the experiences you had in working on brands like Knorr, Hellmann’s and Best Foods?

Hello Xindanwei! My name is Eduardo Sojo and I’m a mexican entrepreneur. For Unilever I worked in the marketing department specialised in wholesale and traditional distribution channel. The traditional channel in Mexico is very important. Much the same as in China there are a lot of small convenience stores that are family owned. My job was to come up with different marketing campaigns to help the wholesalers sell to the family owned convenience stores and ideas to help the convenience stores sell more product. We ended up creating a big network of little family owned stores. At the end we were able to track and improve their sales performance, improve the product placement, learn about their problems and how to help them solve their issues. Just after a few months the sellers started to engage much more with the brand and sales improved.

Working at a big company like Unilever helped me prepare for all of my future experiences.

2. What were the circumstances that lead you to coming to Shanghai?

I first arrived in Shanghai to get a Business Certificate from Fudan University. Before coming I heard a lot about China and its growth. But it wasn’t until I got here that I understood what everyone was talking about. I love the drive that everyone has to create new ideas and businesses. Without a doubt the “China Dream” has become something that everyone thinks about. After returning home and working as an international business consultant I decided to venture into a new adventure and create my own company.

3. Can you tell me about Link Global Solutions, the company you are the founder for and can you explain a little about it, what it is, and who it is for?

Link Global Solution’s (Also known as LGSTrading) main objective is to help the Mexican and Latin American entrepreneurs to develop their products, projects and aid them to make safe and profitable investments in Asia. In Latin America there is a lot of misconceptions about China. We work every day to try to change the view that entrepreneurs have about China and help them take advantage of the endless possibilities that exist in this country.We help companies decrease the risks that exists when doing business with a partner that you don’t know. We do this by helping them step by step in the development of their projects in China.

4. Of course a follow up to the previous question is,what prompted the idea for your company and what excited you to make you undertake it? Could you tell us what are your future steps?

My partner and I met the first time I came to China to study at Fudan University. We both left eager to start something together and to take advantage of the experience that we had. When we arrived in Mexico after a year of living in China, we saw all the misconception that existed in our home country about China. We were able to see that the main reason entrepreneurs view China as a threat and not as an opportunity was because of the misinformation and myths that existed about China. During our year long stay in Shanghai we also notice how a lot of Chinese people didn’t even know where Mexico was on a map. So we decided to work together to solve this problem.

In the future we want to build a more interactive platform and create new and innovative tools to help increase the business relationships between different parts of the world.

We are always looking for new and exciting ways to build bridges between Latin America and Asia.

5.You’ve also been part of the team that help your University win the National Export Award for Institution,Can you tell me a bit about the event, your experiences with it?

The National Export Award for Institution is given to private or public institutions that help entrepreneurs to develop their exports. Furthermore, they award the quantity of companies that emerged from them and are worried about helping our country to increase their exports. The award was divided into phases, and we were selected to present in the last phase because of our project and the growth we had within the business incubator of our University.

Our participation was to present our company and our export plans and projects. We were interviewed by the committee of the Foreign Secretary who evaluated all the projects and the relevance of our company. At that time, three cases were presented due to the importance of those products for Mexico: Machaca (dry meat), Tequila and Mezcal (All of these products are traditional mexican products)

After the final phase, we were recognized by ITESM Santa Fe (Our University) as one of the key projects presented in the final phase and thanking us for all our effort. They also published in their website our participation, which was important for them to obtain the Export Award given by the former Mexican President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa.

6. Thanks again for providing this opportunity to interview you. Any final thoughts for our readers?

I would just like to thank Xindanwei. It truly is one of the most innovative companies in China.

If anyone has any questions about the Latin American market or wants to know more about Link Global Solution I would be glad to help you.




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