The Invisible is composed of a group of experienced professionals which is located in the creative park M50, where groups a lot of top artists in China.

The EI involves itself in many fields: design, photography, app/interactive program development and electronic publishing. It is a crossover new media service agency that can provide clients with special and creative solutions. The EI is equipped with large professional photo studio, event areas (approximately 100m2) suitable for creative activities and flexible working and conference spaces. The total area is above 300 m2.

The photo studio is 5,8 meter’s high and its construction area reaches 120 m2. The shadow wall is about 12×6 meters. The studio is well equipped with professional photographic equipment including 2 rapid flash of 1200wt, 2 flash of 800wt, large lamp holder, background frame, shooting table, apple box and so on. The photo studio also has makeup room, rest area and its own photographers. At the same time, the studio provides rent service.

The second floor has a construction area of 100 square meters, sufficient for around 15 people’s co-working. Creative team or start-up entrepreneurs can work here, sharing information. The rent price is 6500 RMB per month.

You can separate the space as needed and use the conference room on the ground floor.
The bill of water, electricity and internet will be charged in proportion of actual using area.

The space can hold an event or an exhibition about 20 to 40 person. If you need a larger space, the creative park M50 will help you find the space which fits your need.