Xindanwei/Grasslands Orientation

Xindanwei/Grasslands New Member Orientation

Welcome to Xindanwei/Grasslands. This is a comfortable and green work space, also a vibrant community of change makers and thought leaders. This orientation is here to help you get comfortably settled in and familiar with day to day office practices. Please go through this document in details. If you have any questions, please see any of our staff – there is a full staff listing in the back.

Help Desk
We look forward to hearing from you! We will answer any question related to Xindanwei: apartfrom Xindanwei member service, spaces and events, if you are interested in collaborating with us, or if you have suggestions or ideas, please leave us a message in our online help platform, and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

Xindanwei Social Media
Our Weibo account is @新单位. Our Twitter and Facebook account is @xindanwei. Please follow us! Please don’t forget the hashtag #Xindnanwei/Grasslands

Xindanwei Buzz
A bi-weekly newsletter that Xindanwei sends to spread the news and activities of community members. We have over 8000 subscribers, most of them are professionals and knowledge workers in creative, technology and consulting industries from home and abroad. If you would like to release your projects or news using our platform, please contact us  . For past Xindanwei Buzz, please visit:

Xindanwei Events
Xindanwei is one of the most important creativity centers in Shanghai. Most of our events are informal gatherings and workshops initiated by members and fans. Anyone interested can join and contribute in our events. Anyone can release projects or works in Xindanwei events and share with more people. There are no restrictions and limitations. To host an event in Xindanwei/Grasslands, please contact our event coordinator Kimberly Ashton (13564721917 To host an event in other Xindanwei venues, please contact Zhou Mi 186 0177 0313. Past events can be found here:

Xindanwei People
Every month we invite a Xindanwei member to share with us about their dreams, their work as well as their personal experience at Xindanwei. We spread and share these stories using our online platform. If you are interested in being featured in our“People”of next month, please contact Mizz Zhou (+86 186 0177 0313)or

is our new space service on providing creative event venues, flexible office spaces and retailing locations in Shanghai. Exhibition & event space is emphasized where you can host cocktail party or conference for up to 200 people. With xīndānwèi|PROPERTY, we now not only provide flexible office solutions for small business and startup entrepreneurs, but are also able to host and provide service to larger scale events as well as providing pro-level working space for startups in different urban areas while always keeping them connected with other members in the creative professional network of Xindanwei. If interested please contact  Zhou Mi 186 0177 0313.

The Host: 
This is a Xindanwei community-based consulting and matchmaking service. We curate and run creative and innovation programmes for people from all sectors and backgrounds, and connect them with the movers and shakers of China’s creative, technology and social innovation scene. If interested please contact Zhou Mi 186 0177 0313.

Contact List
Property manager: Lao Zhang, 13671642822 (mandarin)
Cleaner: Zhou Ayi, 13127507569 (mandarin)
Internet problems: aaajiao, 18621617100, (mandarin, english)
Event booking: Kimberly Ashton, 13564721917, (english, mandarin)
Marketing and Venue service: Zhou Mi 186 0177 0313 (english, mandarin)


We highly recommend you to take public transportation instead of driving, for we are conveniently located next to Metro line 1, 10 (Shaanxi Rd South Stop) and Metro 9 (Jiashan Rd stop) as well as bus line 96,104, 911,167,42, 920,926,128,146,167,24.


Because we are located in busy downtown area, there are limited parking spaces nearby. The best parking spot is in front of Hanting Hotel on South Shaanxi Rd. (10 RMB tips for the security guard gives you half day to one day parking, no fapiao). Alternatively you can park on Shaoxing Rd. (need to pay an hourly rate, fapiao available).


There are lots of lunch options near Xindanwei, most of them are located on Yongjia Rd. (near Jiashan Rd. and Xiangyang Rd.) and Yongkang Rd. Syphon Cafe on the ground floor of Xindanwei provides delicious handmade coffee, tea and pastries. You are also order from outside, please ask our staff for menus.


There are many accommodation options around Xindanwei. The closest ones are:
• Hanting Hotel on Shaanxi Rd. (Economy)
Add: 233 South Shaanxi Rd., Luwan District, Shanghai
Tel: 021-54656633
• Ruijin Hotel (Luxury)
Add: 118 Ruijin Er Rd. (near Middile Fuxing Rd.), Luwan District, Shanghai
Tel: 021-64725222
For more accommodation options, visit

Wireless Internet

Xindanwei /Grassland provides 6M high speed enterprise internet connection for our members. Wireless routers have been installed on every floor to ensure stable connection and high speed. Within the Xindanwei building, you can search wireless networks named “Xindanwei”or “Xindanwei-roof”, and use the password “”to connect. In case of network problems please contact our onsite staff.


We recommend good VPN services to our members from time to time. At the moment the service we recommend is astrill.

Computer Repairing

It is annoying having your computer crashed down while working, you can call 400 168 8608 or 189 3978 4762 for professional on-site computer repairing service.


Yifeng Pharmacy on South Shaanxi Rd (near Fuxing Rd.) provides all the basic medicines and free health consultation.

Gift Shops

On South Shaanxi Rd, you will find numerous gift and flower shops. Happy shopping!


Xindanwei/Grasslands is a non-smoking venue. Please only smoke in outdoor spaces such as the garden and balconies.

Securing the Space

24-hours surveillance cameras are installed in Xindanwei. In case of any unusual circumstances please contact our onsite staff immediately.

Property maintenance

Please register and log on the official website of Xindanwei, to the column “Help Desk”(, and leave us a message to call for a fault repair. Xindanwei staff will give a response within 24 hours according to different maintenance type.


In case of any emergencies please contact our property manager:Lao Zhang 13671642822 (mandarin).