The Host Kickstart & Pro service

The Host Kickstart and Pro service for our clients, collaborators and partners to:

  • Learn about significant ideas, challenges and trends in China which shape our global future
  • Engage with people, organisations, communities and issues in China on the ground and up close
  • Generate dialogue, exchange, participation and collaboration on innovative projects and programs for China and the world.

Host Kickstart: a single lecture, round-table dialogue or matchmaking-based service provided by our professional Xindanwei hosts.

We charge 2500CNY per hour.

Host Pro:  This is the service that consists of a variety of ‘unconventional’ Co. SparkCo.Uprise and Co.Impact events and dialogues on business, life and society with great startups and fascinating people in China from companies, institutions and communities across entire innovation ecosystem. They are programs that are curated and designed by our hosts for you to explore opportunities, challenges and purpose for yourselves and your organisations to address chronic, complex societal and entrepreneurial challenges in China.

  • Journeys:We travel by planes, trains, bus and bicycle to the most exciting startup scenes with the sole mission of uniting creative/tech/social startups, investors and intrapreneurs and exploring cross-border opportunities. The result: a wealth of new friends and business contacts in exploding markets, and a stronger appreciation for the cultural and economic ties that bind us globally. The cost will be based on the specific requirement.
  • Projects: Programs that are customized by our hosts to help you explore new markets and perspectives, reflect on the role and potential impact of your business and organize external talents to contribute to your open innovation platform. We do it through a variety of pop-up events such as round tables, workshops, seminars and exhibitions in our exclusive event spaces; moreover, we also help you on strategic planning, design and implementation of your open innovation projects. The cost will be based on the requirement.