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June 28, 2012

Chair Member: Stefanie Vallee | 椅子会员: Stefanie Vallee

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Artist, Communicator, Public Speaker, Coach and Trainer. from Canada with a background on television and radio. President of Expatriate Professional Women’s Society. Linkedin profile.

Who are you and what do you do?
Hi, I’m Stefanie Vallee. I’m an artist, a coach, an entrepreneur, also a speaker. I help people expressing themselves through their voices and creativity.

What are you passionate about and what motivates you?
I’m passionate about helping people connecting with their creative-self and finding their voice through public speaking. I am using a unique painting technique mix with some coaching tools that enable people to paint their first painting done without using a brush. It’s really fun. Also, On the public speaking side, I use unconventional techniques and games that enable people to connect, motivate and inspire others. I understand the importance for each individual to express themselves in an authentic way and the joy that it brings really makes me feel like I am doing something worthy to others. Beside work, I’m also passionate about white water kayaking. I am still competing at world level in that sport, and I love the challenge of it! My journey as an entrepreneur in China, and also a world class kayaker enables me to connect with people in a motivational way through public speaking and coaching.

How do you think coworking can help you to achieve your passion and purpose?
I think coworking is really important for me at this stage of my journey in Shanghai. I would even say that it is a key component to my success. Because I’ve been working on my own in my artist studio for so long, that now I think I need to have my ideas stimulated. I need some interaction with like-minded people, also on a business startup. So coworking here in Xindanwei is going to be something very interesting and will enjoy each moment of it.




大家好,我是Stefanie Valle。我是一位艺术家,教练,企业家和演讲者。我帮助人们表达通过声音和创造力来表现自己。




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