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June 17, 2012

June Featured People: Sacha Guyon | 人物(六月):Sacha Guyon 古咏

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[lang_en]June Featured People: Sacha Guyon

Interview / Zhou Me        Translation / dodo

1.Welcome to, and we are honored to have you as our very first chair member! Please introduce yourself. Could you tell us where you’re from and how you got started of your own business?
Hello, thanks for giving me this opportunity! I am a digital product manager from France and settled in Shanghai a few years ago. I studied interactive design and development in art school, then marketing and partying in business school. I used to be a web developer, turned to web producer after, then got into marketing and sales, and now I am kinda doing all of these at the same time.

Currently, I am working with Magency  on iPad apps that are used during corporate events, such as press launch, internal seminar, training sessions or exhibitions. I enjoy these kind of projects as they force you to think about the user experience differently than with a software on a traditional computer interface. Besides my work in digital, I help set up a small Chinese home-cooking classes business with my partner Helen as well. It’s fun to do something non-tech on the side.

When I have time, I contribute to Techyizu events such as a the recent Designing Shanghai, and I am also part of French youth chamber of commerce (JCEFS ), which incubated many great social and community projects, such as Forget-Me-Not, a social team-building business.

2. Ahh, the projects sounds very interesting. Could you enlighten us more and elaborate a bit on your approach to realize your applications/projects.
Recently for example I had the opportunity to work on a corporate seminar for Airbus with 500 participants. Each of them were given an iPad for the day. All these devices were connected together and used throughout the day – for networking, as a tool for team building activities, during the presentation for live Q&A… participants could even order coffee through a button in the interface.

We were also controlling the big screen where could be displayed the photos taken with the iPad, realtime results of quizzes… The result was really positive – people were entertained, more active, and organizers could easily manage the content, and got valuable insights on attendees. (Check out airbus project video)

As mobile devices such as iPad tablets are now becoming a commodity, they can be used for many things: replace printed brochures at a product launch event, match like-minded people at a seminar or convention with social network features, make presentations more interactive, team-building activities… It’s only the tip of the iceberg, I hope to dig more into this kind of projects and use technologies such as NFC or Arduino/electronics to add other dimensions to these installations.

3. Why you choose to start up your business in Xindanwei?
It has an inspiring environment, great location and is a good place to meet interesting people. I am looking forward the opening of the 2 other xindanwei workspaces soon, more choice of places to work !

4. Regarding the idea of your projects is quite innovative, what do you tell clients who are unsure of what they want?
I will ask their budget first :) I would use past works as a base for discussion then learn more about user needs to provide a specific solution.

5. As a foreigner, how can you find local programmers or application developers in Shanghai? In other words, what kind of event/networking/website you’d like to recommend to Xindanwei community?
Good developers is a scare resource worldwide, though there are a some great development consultancies in Shanghai – for example I would definitely recommend my ex-employer Ekohe. Also, if I need specific skills, I would ask for introductions from my friends at Techyizu  – which is a volunteer-driven community of great people organizing inspiring events such as the next one Lean Startup Machine in end of June.

6. Thanks again for providing this opportunity to interview you. Any final thoughts for our readers?
Don’t work too hard and be humble – there is or will anyway always someone better than you on earth at whatever you do.[/lang_en]


人物(六月):Sacha Guyon 古咏

采访 / Zhou Me       翻译 / dodo

1. 欢迎来到新单位并成为我们第一个椅子会员!请先介绍下您自己,从哪儿来,怎么开始现在的事业。

目前,我正在为Magency公司制作开发一款iPad apps,主要用在诸如发布会,研讨会,培训,展览等活动中。我喜欢这类项目,因为它会迫使你换个角度去考虑用户体验,这与传统的电脑软件开发非常不一样。除了数码领域的工作,我和我的合伙人Helen还共同开办了料理学习班,能做些无关数码的事情也很有意思!

我在空闲时间会去参加科技舣族的活动,就比如最近的Designing Shanghai,同时我加入了法国青年工商会,这个组织培育了许多非常棒的社会社群项目,比如“勿忘我” 。

2. 你着手做的这些项目看起来很有趣!能跟我们详细介绍下吗?

随着诸如iPad这样的移动设备渐渐成为生活必备品,它们可以被用来做很多事情:在产品发布会代替宣传册使用,通过社交软件在大型会议上集合兴趣相投的人,使得presentation更具有互动性等等⋯⋯这些只是冰山一角,我希望可以更深入的挖掘这些项目的可行性,引进例如NFC, Arduino这类的技术把我的应用程序做得更多元。

3. 是什么让你决定来新单位工作呢?

4. 鉴于你的项目都相当具有创新性,你是如何说服你的客户,让他们消除疑虑的呢?





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