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November 22, 2012

Chair Member: James Even Chen | 椅子会员:陈艺文

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[lang_en]Interview &Translation / Alice Dong

1. Welcome to, and we are honored to have you as our chair member! As you worked in Microsoft, can you tell me about the experiences you had in working in Microsoft?

This is James Even Chen, as been a training program manager for customer service and support department at Microsoft (Asia Pacific), my duties conclude training needs analysis, designing curriculums and train the trainers with product and program knowledge and related soft skills, trainer performance management, also develop trainers through coaching sessions.

2. What were the circumstances that lead you to starting your project TA workshop and what excited you to make you undertake it?

I was learning psychology to enrich my professional skills (training career) and also to fulfill my personal interest (willing to understand more about what’s behind and group dynamics – social psychology), then I started by learning positive psychology and Transactional Analysis, also known as TA – it’s a very good framework which with a set of tools for self awareness, personal growth and even organizational (culture) transformation. I read a lot of books on transactional analysis then and especially one of them is, Transactional Analysis for Trainers, which was written by Julie Hay. I had some questions and I wrote email to her, asking for clarification… I realized this is the field very close to my current experience, it’s also so practical and useful, I’d like to invite her to China to host the TA workshop, sharing this great learning and growth opportunity with those who may be interested in.

3. Ahh, the projects(TA workshop in China) sound very interesting, Could you tell us more about Professor Julie Hay and elaborate a bit on your approach to realize your project.

Professor Julie Hay – she lives near London, and she is the visiting Professor in Middlesex University. There’re Transactional Analysis professional communities around the world; and one of the schools – Developmental TA – was originated from her thoughts. Not only she was the former President of ITAA and EATA (International and European TA Association), but also the former president of European Mentoring and Coaching Council. (Now President of ICDTA) I think we can all benefit from her rich experience (over 35 years) in these fields – training, coaching, supervision etc.

4. Thanks for the introduction! It’s very impressive. What do you think about developmental TA and how has it impacted or effected your life?

Developmental TA focuses on personal growth and unleashing your potentials, which was widely used in coaching and supervision. The more I learn and practice it, the more I want to share my happiness and how useful it is, with other people. That’s one of the reasons why I’m introducing the workshop ( into China.

5. Of course a follow up to the previous question is, what were some of the biggest challenges you faced in developing this projects And why you choose to start up your business in Xindanwei?

The biggest challenge is that, I need to find the people who has interest on this. I plan to go to the places and forums where my target audiences (trainers, HR managers, and coaches etc.) gather – and promote it. Also it seems that we care more about hard skills (e.g., how to make a PPT) and not so much on “soft” things such as positive psychology and T.A. etc. But instead, if these “soft” things been resolved, our inner Child and creativity can then be fully unleashed.

6. Thanks again for providing this opportunity to interview you. Any final thoughts for our readers?

Despite the topics on Transactional Analysis (my favorite one ;-) ), I also like to discuss and share with you on various topics, like jazz and classical music, operating systems, e.g., iOS, Mac, Linux and even FreeBSD. You can find me in xindanwei and we can have a short talk. :-) [/lang_en]

[lang_cn]采访和翻译/ Alice Dong


我叫James Even Chen,之前我是在微软亚太区客户支持部,做培训项目经理,包括培训需求分析,设计课程,培训我的培训师,管理培训业绩,并且应用教练技术帮助培训师成长,等等。


为了在专业上进一步发展,和满足自己的好奇心(想进一步了解那些现象的背后是什么……和团体动力 – 社会心理学)我专门去学了心理学,并接触到了积极心理学和沟通分析T.A.。它是一个很有意思的理论和实践体系框架,有一套简明易懂的方法,来帮助个人觉察、带来成长,甚至也可以应用于组织和企业文化的转型。我阅读了大量的相关书籍,其中一本是Julie Hay的Transactional Analysis for Trainers, 我有一些问题,于是我就写邮件过去问…… 渐渐的,我认识到,这个领域和我的专业经验如此接近,而且非常有用,我想要引入她的T.A.工作坊,和更多的人来分享这个学习和成长的机会。

3.T.A工作坊听起来真的是非常有意思!您能简单跟我说说您的老师Julie Hay以及工作坊的经营之道。

Julie Hay教授,她住在英国伦敦附近,是Middlesex大学的访问教授。TA沟通分析在全球有很多专业的团队和众多的从业人士,其中一个学派-发展性沟通分析,就是她所创立的。她不仅仅是ITAA和EATA(国际、和欧洲沟通分析协会)的前主席,也是欧洲教练技术委员会的前主席。(现为国际发展性沟通分析中心(ICDTA)主任)我想,我们都可以从她的这些领域内的丰富经验中受益良多:培训、教练、督导等。


发展性沟通分析更注重人的成长,和潜力的发挥,这些在教练技术和督导领域被广泛应用。我学的越多,实践的越多,就越想和更多的人来分享,它是多么的有用,和我从这学习当中所得到的乐趣。它也是我引入这个工作坊 ( 的原因。




除了沟通分析方面的话题(当然是我的最爱),我也很喜欢和大家分享一些关于爵士、古典音乐,还有操作系统方面的内容,比如iOS, Mac, Linux,甚至FreeBSD。你可以在新单位找到我,我们可以找些有趣的话题聊聊。:-)[/lang_cn]

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