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Introduced by Xindanwei, the pioneer of coworking movement in China, discussing the necessity and advantages of coworking communities, Xindanwei business model, key points of building the space, experience in business planning, community management and brand management. The purpose of launching this manual is to share experience and models, thus to promote the “coworking community” working model and change the way people work. To achieve this vision, it is not enough to rely on only Xindanwei. Xindanwei hopes more communities will rise up. “Sharing” and ”collabrating” are the key values promoted by Xindanwei, as Xindanwei believes nowadays the value of any knowledge cannot last and old knowledge can only generate new knowledge through the process of sharing, and that there is no receiving without giving. The Manual includes the following sections:

1. Background
2. Discovering Your Business Model
3. Creating Space4. Business Planning
5. Community Activities
6. Brand Building
7. More than Workspaces

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Liu Yan offers you the spirit and charisma of entrepreneurship, the magic of a connector and the six sense of what’s coming next. She is a Dutch Chinese, a mother of two, have Worked, lived and enjoyed China, Holland, Denmark and Thailand.

Key Areas: Creative Industry Consultancy, Art Management, Strategic Marketing, CRM,Social and Creative Entrepreneurship, New Media, Social Media, Community Building

Aaajiao offers you the ability to keep the technology, process and money under control and his edgy and remarkable artwork made of codes. He is “One of the Most Influential New Media Artist in China.”- by FT Rui.

Key areas: New Media, Contemporary Art, Hacking, Audiovisual, Programming, Web, Interactivity, typography, process management, creative business management,knowledge management

Cozi GE offers you the critical view to balance the two sides of groundbreaking and convention from construction to execution. She adopted the passion for daily life from France and believes in the co-existing of common and senses.

Key areas: Cultural communication, Branding, Marketing Research and Pre-search, Channel Planning, PR & Event Management, Art Direction, F&B, Fashion Industry, Art Curation & Circulation