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Meet The Host, a Xindanwei community-based consulting and matchmaking service. We curate and run creative and innovation programmes for people from all sectors and backgrounds, and connect them with the movers and shakers of China’s creative, technology and social innovation scene.

The community we serve and work with is a self-nourishing network embedded in China’s creative, tech and social sectors which provides community members with the opportunity to seek out resonated spirits and share in rich discussions about creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation and impact to the society.

Xindanwei mixes several points of views in a wayward and creative fashion and regularly organises thought-provoking programs specialized in a number of territories:

Co.Spark – Where art, culture, design meet.
Co.Uprise – Where entrepreneurs innovate and thrive.
Co.Impact – Where empathy and care changes the world.

Our multi-disciplinary hosts busy themselves daily to connect, accelerate and empower people with knowledge, resources and skills through the hosting of coworking, events and networks, working passionately with startups and grassroots leaders to build thriving communities and businesses.

Share insights, ideas, events and resources with our network of like-minded companies and 10,000 followers. Building a network takes years, joining a network takes seconds.

Connect with our local partners, media affiliates, and investors who can help offer avenues for growth, exposure and funding through our community events.

Receive group or one-on-one coaching from our close network of mentors (social entrepreneurs, corporates and business owners) whom can offer invaluable insight into your development.

*We want to do our best to make our community open, sharing and collaborative. Should there be any queries, please talk to our Host

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////Xindanwei staff

Liu Yan offers you the spirit and charisma of entrepreneurship, the magic of a connector and the six sense of what’s coming next. She is a Dutch Chinese, a mother of two, have Worked, lived and enjoyed China, Holland, Denmark and Thailand.

Key Areas: Social and Creative Entrepreneurship, Creative Leadership, Creative Industry Consultancy, Art Management, Strategic Marketing, CRM,New Media, Social Media, Community Building and Development

Chen Xu offers you the vision and execution of creative business management with her instinct in details and style. She is a connoisseur of all things creative. Her own ‘tale of two cities’ is mainly about the best and the worst of Shanghai and London.

Key Areas: Creative Industry Consultancy, Strategic Business Planning and Management for creative SMEs, Project Management, Branding, Fashion, Design

Aaajiao offers you the ability to keep the technology, process and money under control and his edgy and remarkable artwork made of codes. He is “One of the Most Influential New Media Artist in China.”- by FT Rui.

Key areas: New Media, Contemporary Art, Hacking, Audiovisual, Programming, Web, Interactivity, typography, process management, creative business management,knowledge management