Ask Lab


Ask Lab is a social enterprise built upon Xindanwei, the first coworking community in China, with partners across Asia, Europe, US and Africa.

Ask Lab is dealing with a world that is changing rapidly. The challenges we face are far too complicated to be solved by just one organization or individual. Ask Lab is designed to bring your employees, your users and talents from outside your organizations together, to unleash creative potential and turn brilliant ideas into innovative, scalable solutions for your and societal challenges.

Ask Lab is an interactive training program in research skills and creative thinking, based on ‘Design Thinking’. The outcomes from Ask Lab include inspiration, transformation, confidence and ownership to start your next individual and organizational endeavor. This isn’t just about generating ideas. It’s also about making the ideas happen!

What does Ask Lab offer?

1. Training on design thinking approaches to challenge participants and partners to leave their comfort zones and harness both individual and collective creativity to evolve and innovate.

During the training sessions the participants apply the design thinking approach to a specific social/business challenge through;

- doing user research

- learning creative thinking skills

- inventing new visions

- making prototypes and presentations

2. Access, assistance and resources for participants to engage directly with exciting challenges to co-create solutions.

This will be done in an open and fair way so that the creators remain the authors and owners of their ideas.

The challenge should be described by a local/global organisation or business who knows about the issue and cares about its solution.

Resources can include; industrial/sector insights, channels, professional mentorship, scaling opportunities, prizes, incentives, job opportunities and even seed funding for ideas!

Who is Ask Lab for?

Ask Lab focuses on two parties:

1. Participants

In the first instance, the program is for anyone who is motivated to contribute to improving society or the environment, and who is interested in finding new and innovative ways of doing things.


Secondly Ask Lab works with organisations with a social aim, or companies that want a new perspective and innovative solutions on important issues. Ask Lab offers not only access to thousands of creative talents but systems and processes of working together on tasks set by organizations and companies. This enables the possibility of a large number of ideas, talents and solutions.