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November 30, 2011

Xindanwei/Grasslands | 新单位/青草地

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[lang_en]Xindanwei/Grasslands is located in a historic lane house on Shaoxing Road near South Shaanxi Road, one of Shanghai’s most treasured and peaceful heritage neighborhoods in the heart of French concession. The entire 200sqm of this corner house has been completely renovated for office use while maintaining its traditional charm and character. Attached with a beautiful private garden, this house provides 3 small rooms of 15 sqms and 3 big rooms of 30 sqms, a western style kitchen connected to a lovely little courtyard. All the rooms feature panoramic windows, giving a full view of the old neighborhood, Each room is spacious and brimming with natural light.

The aim of Xindwei/Grasslands is to bring other like-minded social entrepreneurs, freedom fighters, environmentalists, health advocates, sustainability consultants, wellness practitioners, and human-centered designers under one roof to create a green community for everyone to graze and grow. Xindanwei/Grasslands showcases the concept of “Eco-workspace”, which encourages waste separation, minimized use of utilities, thingking before printing, recycling what we can and refuse what we don’t really need. On top of the basic office services built upon Xindanwei’s sharing, connectivity and collaboration culture, Xindanwei/Grasslands also features a dozen reasons why working alone or in a traditional office kinda sucks. Because we have

No elevators.
Healthy teas/juices.
Exhibition of organic product/services
Lots of natural light.
Eco-friendly soap.
Only use 100% natural and toxin free cleaning products.
Morning meditation/yoga.
Stand up working bar.
Alkaline water filtration unit.
Community Supported Agriculture Sign-Ups.
Afternoon jump rope sessions instead of coffee.
Open windows whenever possible.
No dress code.
A office manager that is Taichi master and a cheery ayi that likes to make you laugh.

All the rooms will share

A 30-sqm-meeting/event space, connected to a beautiful private garden 
A 15-sqm-meeting room
Two Bathrooms
A Kitchen
A Courtyard
A Logo wall
No printer/photocopier provided.


[lang_cn]新单位/青草地 隐藏于上海市区闹中取静的绍兴路47号,建筑物本身是一个被文化机构和咖啡馆环绕的三十年代三层老洋房,总面积约200平方米。空间全为原始实木地板,房间宽敞明亮,非常简约清雅,共拥有三间15平米的小空间和三间近三十平方米的大空间,所有房间都相对独立,自成一体,还有一个西式厨房,一个古老天井,和一个金桂飘香的庭院。

“健康生态办公室” 不是梦:
新单位/青草地 旨在聚集人类健康生活和可持续发展的创业者、设计师、环保健康倡导人士、咨询师及相关从业人员,让他们共同工作、沟通、激发灵感与合作,创造一个共同栖息、发展的绿色社区。“新单位/青草地”提倡“生态办公室”的理念,鼓励垃圾分类处理,节约水电,减少打印,多回收利用和避免浪费。除了继承了新单位一贯的交流、分享、合作的氛围并提供基本办公服务外,我们还提供诸多特色社区服务,这些让传统的办公方式或在家办公捉襟见肘



连有一个金桂飘香的庭院 二三层各有一个独立的洗手间


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