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July 16, 2012

Xindanwei × PAIHUB | 新单位 × 派合智

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[lang_cn]新单位 × 派合智(Xindanwei × PAIHUB)位于思南路近皋兰路,地理位置优雅、便捷,毗邻复兴公园、思南公馆,是各类设计和时尚社群理想的办公、展示和交流场所。整个空间250平米,分为独立办公和开放空间两部分。独立办公室面积分别为33、26、16、14平米。更有美国著名华裔家具设计师Maria Yee的高端设计师家具和自助服务式老挝咖啡的加盟,打造同地段性价比较最高的精致创意办公和交流场所。[/lang_cn]

[lang_en]Xindanwei × PAIHUB is located in a modern building on Sinan Road near Gaolan Road, one of Shanghai’s unique offering of cultural heritage and urban extravaganza. Located alongside the tree-lined Sinan Road, close to FuXing Park, Sinan Mansions, it  is the perfect working space for design and fashion industry.

The entire 250sqm of Xindanwei X PAIHUB is divided into open space and four individual offices which of 33sqms, 26sqms, 16sqms, and 14sqms. All furnitures are provided by the famous Asian American designer Maria Yee. Moreover, we offers Lao Cafe operating on a self service basis.[/lang_en]

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