May Featured People: Emlyn WANG Li-Juan

May 25, 2011

Xindanwei May Featured People: Emlyn WANG Li-Juan

Article: Cozi GE

May’s Xindanwei “People” badge goes to Emlyn, WANG Li-Juan, a young lady who just got bored from her financial management job and jumped out of the box to create an art-fashion project of her own.

It was Miss ZHUANG Kai, Emlyn’s partner who first came to visit Xindanwei. At the moment, their avant-garde fashion project C’est la Chine has already been launched and the first collection has been created. An official working venue is something critical for C’est la Chine’s following steps. They met Xindanwei. Miss ZHUANG was almost excitedly discribing Xindanwei to Emlyn, “it’s unique and charming, open and flexible, it is just the right place for beginner entrepreneurs.” Not long after that, when Emlyn came back to Shanghai, Miss ZHUANG took her to Xindanwei, and it was a coup de coeur. C’est la Chine became a co-worker at Xindanwei.

C’est la Chine is solely founded by Emlyn. Her initiative is to work out something inbetween the Art and Fashion – it is not any kind of the fast fashion, yet it stays close enough to the ordinary life. One might think about the early jobs of Japanese Designer Issey Miyaki, who creates and display his show pieces in an artwork way, and the later ready-to-wear lines are more like derivatives from the non-market-oriented artworks. Without a professional background in art or design, Emlyn invites guest artist to collaborate on every collection, with herself taking control on the whole art direction from design, production to the marketing image.

The name of the label, C’est la Chine, actually indicates Emlyn’s pursuit on the art side of its spirit – Not any simple symbolic elements, but a real beauty derives from the traditional Chinese art and culture. The first collection the team has created can be recognized either as women’s wear or accessaries. Emlyn then invited a professional modern dance performer as the shooting model. There is that Chinese spirit you can smell not only from the art pieces, but from the character who wears the piece and from the whole scene as well.

Before launching C’est la Chine, Emlyn worked as regional manager at Efunds after her graduation from MBA program at CEIBS. She was on such a broad highway that many people are just eager to reach. Emlyn followed her heart anyway. To be an entrepreneur means to give up the steady income and carry the risk of failure. “C’est la Chine, is especially a project that one can not be so sure about the result,” said, Emlyn. “I am mostly driven by my passion for art and fashion, however, I did take into concern carefully the possibility of the marketing. Of course, reactions from the market might not follow exactly what you expect, they actually never did. Particularly for me, I don’t have a case ready for me to take as successful module, I have to by myself search for a brand new way, probably a very-not-conventional way.” The future may not be clear yet, the opportunity is there already, visible enough. Emlyn senses it.

Talking about her redirection on career, Emlyn takes it as a result of her personality. “I love traveling, and probably like all the travel lovers do, I have a continuous passion for life, a curiosity for the unknown, and an open and fearless heart to explore. I love freedom and enjoy a cozy way of living. one more thing, I value spiritual achievement higher than material gain.” The project C’est la Chine is initially driven by Emlyn’s interest and her pursuit for a freer thinking and working style, but after the idea is actually taken into action, Emlyn sees the procedure a re-discovery journey about herself, a re-check into her life. And to actually execute out the project is also a challenge and re-dig to her own ability and potential.

Mostly like what Emlyn has been through, Xindanwei never stops wondering and exploring of its own way of surviving. For most of the entrepreneurs or startups, the future is not 100% sure, but what else can be more fascinating than devoting 100% of yourself to a career that is fueled by creation and innovation?

C’est la Chine will collaborate with Xindanwei very soon to display artworks from the project at Xindanwei space. The two creative projects thus get crossed. And this is what Xindanwei expects – to function as an open platform where young talents and action takers are brought together and offered a chance to communicate and interact more. We believe the future lies in the direction of communication and open source.

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1 weizhuoheng November 30, 2011 at 14:21

we have something same about living, keep on!

2 dianzhu August 26, 2011 at 11:49


3 IceBing May 30, 2011 at 19:03

Great! Congratulations, Emlyn. You will achieve your goal. :)

4 Zozoqu May 27, 2011 at 11:53


5 Lei May 26, 2011 at 23:20

It is my dream as well. Cool! Hope to be able to talk with ppl have similar dreams.

6 alan May 26, 2011 at 22:42

Nice! Wanna meet them someday! Salute, entrepreneurs!

7 stevenyeh May 26, 2011 at 20:42


8 isaac May 26, 2011 at 10:19

good dream and good luck


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