Bamboo Treecycle Challenge! The city green vehicle of the future

June 30, 2011

Bamboo Treecycle Challenge! The city green vehicle of the future

Time: 30th June , 2011  7:20 – 9:15 PM
Venue: Xin Dan Wei – Yongjia Road 50, Xuhui District, Shanghai, CHINA
Organizer:, MGT Engineering

Another MakeSense Hold-up at Xindanwei in June! This time we are trying to solve the challenge of MGT Engineering, creator of the city green vehicle of the future!
The number of participants is limited to 10, so don’t forget to reserve with us!


After 3 successful workshops organized at XinDanWei with over-motivated participants, we would like to invite you to a new creative workshop using original means to get the best ideas out of you!
This time, the challenge for you will be to imagine how MGT Engineering invention could become the vehicle of the future in your city!
Don’t worry, we will not let you do it alone : we will be there with some cool methods to help you find the best ideas.
Indeed, this new kind of creative workshops will be hold in a friendly atmosphere with 10 other fellows (just like you!) with who you will have the occasion to experience among others:
- “Brainstorming” Session
- Videoprototyping
So if you are interested in green transportation means, like to ride your bike or just want to meet an innovative entrepreneur, we hope you will definitely join because if it’s the case, we can already bet some of you will like to share their creations with their friends after the event !!

The creativity workshop will be organized as follow :
- 3 minutes : Presentation of Bamboo Treecycle
- 5 minutes : Explanation of the challenge / organization of the session
- 30 minutes : Brainstorm – foolish ideas !
- 10 minutes : Break
- 30 minutes : Brainstorm – concepts videoprototyping !
- 30 min : Concepts Trial
- 5 minutes : volunteering interviews

The workshop will be animated in English and Chinese by 2 cool Makesense members.

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