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June 9, 2013

June Featured People Crystal Ruth Bell & Kira Simon-Kennedy | 人物(六月):Crystal Ruth Bell & Kira Simon-Kennedy

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[lang_en]Interview &Translation / Alice Dong

Crystal = C,Kira = K

1. Welcome to, Please introduce yourself.

C:I ran the artist residency program at Red Gate Gallery for a little over two years, and now work at a web-based non-profit in New York
K:I’m a freelance photographer, filmmaker and translator (Mandarin, French & English) currently based in New York.

2. Could you tell us under what circumstances you met and how you got started in the field?

C: My background is in art and graphic design but I moved to China in 2009 to work for Red Gate, and had previously worked at a contemporary Chinese art gallery in New York, and interned at Atlantic Center for the Arts.
K: I studied Chinese and art in university, and interned under Crystal at Red Gate Gallery in 2009. I’ve been involved in the Chinese art and music scene ever since.

3. Can you tell us about China residencies the project you are the director/manager for and what prompted the idea for your project and what you do for them?

C: I started hosting meetings with other residency administrators while I was in Beijing to discuss our challenges and how we could provide support, advocacy, resources, and progress for our field. Founding China Residencies is my way of more formally investing in these solutions.
K: I came on board more recently, in part because over the years, many friends and artists have asked about opportunities to discover China firsthand. Amassing all our knowledge and resources into one website seemed to be the best way to let the most people know about all the amazing opportunities that exist for artists in China.

4. Please elaborate a bit on your approach to realize your project. What were some of the biggest challenges you faced in developing the project?

C + K: Amazingly, everything has gone extremely smoothly. Our biggest challenges are the same challenges we face as young creatives ourselves: a finite supply of time and money, but we accomplished a great deal in our three week research trip. Luckily, as a web-based organization, we we able to launch as a bootstrapped and crowd funded endeavor. We are in the last moments of our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, please contribute to support China Residencies!

5. What were the circumstances that lead you to coming to Shanghai and What are your future steps?

C: I’ve been amassing a list of artist residency programs across mainland and HK for some time now and Kira and I recently discussed how valuable it would be to include other creative exchange organizations like coworking spaces. I was introduced to Xindanwei through Janis Claxton who is collaborating in Shanghai through a great organization called International Creative Entrepreneurs.
K: We are hoping to connect in each of the major (and minor) creative hubs. Our research trip began by visiting residencies, embassies, and co-working spaces in Beijing, then Shanghai, Kunming, Lijiang, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. We hope to come back to China at least once a year and eventually be the most comprehensive directory of residencies, co-working spaces and creative communities in China.

6. Thanks again for providing this opportunity to interview you. Any final thoughts for our readers?

C: To the creatives who are interested in exploring these opportunities I would say take your time and do your research to find the program whose unique strengths (and maybe even differences) best suit you. There are programs for ceramicists, printmakers, novelists, dancers, hackers, streets artists, and just about every creative field.
K: We’re passionate about fostering cultural exchange at a human level, so we’ve very excited and pleased to see these new open creative spaces pop up all over the world .[/lang_en]

[lang_cn]采访和翻译/ Alice Dong

Crystal = C,Kira = K


C:我在Red Gate Gallery 经营一个艺术家交流项目有差不多两年之久,现在在纽约全心于一个基于网站的非盈利项目。


C:我之前是搞艺术和平面设计的,在2009年的时候因为Red Gate我来到了中国,之前在纽约一直在一个中国当代艺术画廊工作,也曾在Atlantic Center for the Arts实习过。
K:我在大学的时候就是学的中文和艺术,2009年的时候在Red Gate Gallery实习的时候遇见的Crystal。从那时起,我便一直在中国艺术以及音律之间兜兜转转。

3.能跟我们说说China residencies这个项目吗?是什么激发你们开始做这个项目?你们都在做些什么?

C:那个时候我还在北京,当时便我开始和一些地产管理者开会来讨论我们所面临的挑战,我们怎样提供有力支持以及有效资源,让我们所处的领域能有序发展。创立China Residencies是让我在这些问题上投注精力,更好的方式。

4. 请说说你们是怎么步步经营你们的项目的,在此过程中的最大挑战又是什么?

C + K:其实,从我们开始到现在,事情发展的出人意料的顺利。最大的挑战也就是我们作为青年创意人所面临的困境:有限的时间和资金,庆幸的是我们已经结束了为期三周的中国考察之旅。幸运的是,作为一个基于网站的组织,我们可以通过众筹以自力更生。我们在Indiegogo上的项目也已经进入到了倒计时的阶段。感谢大家对China Residencies的支持:

5. 又是什么让你们来到了上海?能跟我透露一些未来的发展计划吗?

C:现今我已经积累了一些在中国大陆以及香港的一些艺术家交流项目资源。我和Kira也是最近才发现,其实何不加进一些基于创意的联合办公空间来呢。我们是通过Janis Claxton才被介绍到新单位来的,Janis自己也是因为International Creative Entrepreneurs这个很棒的组织才得以来到上海和新单位合作交流。




June 1, 2013

Mini Green Challenge Children’s Day Special: Eco-graphs | 城市试验田儿童节特别工作坊:生态图

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[lang_en]Date: June 1, 2013 10:30 – 12:30
Language: English/Chinese
Moderator: George Kaye (ARTSpring)
Venue: chi K11 art space (Shanghai K11 Art Mall, B3, 300 Huaihai Zhong Lu)

Event Description
Age: 10-16 years
Admission: 50 RMB per person including material costs, RSVP required
Contact Person: George Kaye ( )

“Eco-graphs” is a fun art activity in which children create a personal symbol for eco-values using Chinese brush and ink on paper. What exactly are our values with respect to nature? Through a straightforward design methodology this question is explored verbally and visually. Each symbol that emerges is unique, but they all share a visual language that connects them to the earliest forms of human writing. The workshop includes a demonstration and discussion with several professional artists and calligraphers. No experience in art or calligraphy necessary.

Mini Green Challenge
– rapid prototyping workshops for a greener me

Cities need a healthy regenerative supply of resources and goods that ensures food, water and energy security. Mini Green Challenge is a call to action for everyone living in the city to raise awareness about conscious living, informed consumption, and the collective impact of individual actions. Our goal is to inspire urban youth and familes to transition from conventional to conscious living, take action, and sustain a healthy, just planet.

Mini Green Challenge designs creative participatory learning environments for game-changing conversations. This project will demonstrate an innovative, community-focused actions toward a sustainable way of living. 5 Mini Challenges will be brought to the public by: Artists, Educators and Green Movement Advocates.

Mini Green Challenge is brought to you by Xindanwei. Meet Xindanwei, a Shanghai based international open innovation program in experiential and radical learning for organization, startup and strategy development. We design and deliver creative participatory learning environments and experiences for game-changing conversations and disruptive solutions, and connect the participants with the movers and shakers of China’s creative, technology and social innovation scene. We challenge participants to leave their comfort zones, harness individual and collective creativity to evolve and innovate. The outcome is inspiration, transformation, confidence, ownership and next individual and organizational endeavor. This isn’t just about generating ideas. It’s also about making the ideas happen.

The co-working community we serve and work with is a self-nourishing network embedded in China’s creative, tech and social sectors which provides community members with the opportunity to seek out resonated spirits and share in rich discussions about creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation and impact to the society.[/lang_en]

[lang_cn]时间: 2013年6月1日 10:30 – 12:30
语言: 英文/中文
主持人: 乔治·凯 (艺里青)
地点: chi K11艺术空间(上海K11购物艺术中心 B3层 淮海中路300号)

联系人:乔治·凯 ( )


“城市试验田” 儿童节特别工作坊






May 31, 2013

Audi App Jam: Creating the Future of Automotive Apps for China | Audi App Jam: 引领中国汽车应用的未来

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[lang_en]Do you have a great App idea for the automotive industry but cannot find the channel to gain insights and support from the industry experts? Here is your chance to turn your idea into reality!

Welcome to Audi App Jam! We are looking to empower people who have ideas or talents to build App concepts for the automotive industry by providing them with industrial knowledge, professional mentorship, prizes and most importantly, the direct connection with Audi China’s marketing and product development team.

We are calling on people from areas such as design, information technology, digital media and marketing, to develop innovative, market-relevant and interesting App concepts. We are searching for cool App concepts which are exciting, individualized and sociable. You can submit your idea/talent HERE. The deadline of submission is 11:59 p.m. Beijing time, 5 June, 2013.

What kind of apps are we looking for?

We are looking for innovative App concepts that provide real value for the Audi customer. We seek App concepts that have not been seen before or are being taken to a new level of development. We want new App concepts that enhance the user experience of Audi, while conveying the style and values of the Audi brand at the same time.

A winning concept should be overwhelming in function, use-ability, emotion and beauty. The App should be intuitive, understandable and user friendly. It is important that the main function of the App is easy to reach and controllable. The App needs to be relevant and meaningful to Audi’s brand.

We are looking for automotive App concepts in the following three categories. Contestants are free to suggest extraordinary Onboard Apps. But we are looking for more input in categories 1 and 2.

1.) The Smartphone App:This is a car-related app which purely runs on a Smartphone only. You can use these Apps whether you are inside or outside of the car.

2.) The Hybrid App:This is a car-related app which runs on a Smartphone, but can communicate with a car as well. You can use it inside or outside of the car. (for example: you listen to a music stream on your Smartphone on the way to the car, once you enter the car the music will run on the car sound system and you can control the app with the car multimedia interface.)

3.) The Onboard App: These kinds of Apps run only inside the car using the car multimedia interface. They cannot be used outside of the car. Apps of this category need to fulfill extremely high safety standards. Therefore, implementation, lead time and testing need far more time than a pure or hybrid Smartphone app.

In terms of function, we are looking for Apps in the following areas, but the list should not limit creativity.

A. Information Apps  provide car data, service oriented function, execution functions, personal log book etc.
Service oriented functions enable Location Based Services that locate the car, provide local information, directions etc. Execution functions remotely control the car for services such as heating, door locks etc. Car data provide the customers with information about the car service and usage such as fuel and oil gage, tire pressure etc.

B. Lifestyle Apps provide the customer with information and connections to services that enhance ease of function in areas such as: sports and re-creation, health and wellness, fashion and style, hobbies, social networking, travel, shopping, pets, magazines, personal finance, household management etc.

C. Entertainment Apps provide video on demand (VOD), films, drama, TV series, culture, documentaries, music and music videos, animations and user-created content, audio books, e-learning etc.

How does Audi App Jam work?

Ask Lab presents Audi App Jam in three steps: Idea Submission, Prototype Building and Development.

Idea Submission:

Ask Lab presents an online open contest to communicate project challenges to the public. We give people information about the challenges Audi China is facing so that user needs can be identified. Applicants can then provide innovative ideas and talents to address those needs.

We are looking for both IDEAS and TALENTS. People can apply with an IDEA and/or explain how they have the best TALENT to support others ideas. A professional jury will select people with ideas and/or talent to enter into the next “Prototype Building” phase.

Your idea can be presented in any design or choice of format. There are no specifications to adhere to. You can submit your idea/talent in the form of presentations, text documents, images or video files in the upload form.

To help the jury to understand your idea/talent it is essential that you answer the questions in the application form. The deadline of submission is 11:59 p.m. Beijing time, 5 June, 2013. Please submit your idea/talents here.

We encourage people to make the most of the opportunity to evaluate the ideas by asking for feedback on the project page of Xindanwei. By doing this our team will be able to contribute to the improvement of your ideas.

Prototype Building:

On the evening of June 14, 2013, applicants who have been selected with an idea will be invited to pitch to the crowd and jury. The five best ideas will be selected and teams will be formed around those ideas. They will be joined by a pre-selected student team. Teams will work over the next two days in the prototype building workshop to further develop their concepts.

Teams will be supported by some of China’s best design, technology and business mentors. Resources will be provided to assist the teams to fast-prototype their ideas.

At the end of the process the six teams will need to demonstrate their prototype to the jury with a chance of winning 25,000RMB per team in cash to further develop their prototype into a presentable App within 3 weeks. (20% of the prize money will be paid up-front, the rest being paid on the final delivery on July 5, 2013). There is also the potential of being licensed for the product to be made available for Audi.


For the teams whose prototypes are selected as the winning concepts, Ask Lab will work with Audi China to support you even further with mentorship to help you move to the next level.

Who are we?

Audi Tongji Joint Lab (ATJL) and Ask Lab develops and facilitates Audi App Jam in close cooperation with Audi’s headquarter in Germany and Audi China in Beijing.

Ask Lab is a social enterprise built upon Xindanwei, the first coworking community in China. Ask Lab is an interactive training program in research skills and creative thinking, based on ‘Design Thinking’. Ask Lab is designed to bring organizations and talents together, to unleash creative potential and turn brilliant ideas into innovative, scalable solutions for your and societal challenges.

Audi is a leading brand for premium cars worldwide. In China, Audi has led the premium car market for more than two decades already. With its claim Vorsprung durch Technik and with China as the largest market for the brand, Audi is continuously striving hard to keep its leading position. The “connect” services, which were introduced to China last year, are based on Audi’s award winning MMI technology which was introduced to China in 2005. The concept is completely tailored to the requirements of customers in China, including a touchpad to allow the input of handwritten characters. Audi’s aim is to keep the lead as the benchmark in user interface which can be experienced by our customer every single day they drive in an Audi.

Audi Tongji Joint Lab (ATJL) is a partnership between Audi and Tongji University. As Audi’s research outpost in Shanghai, ATJL is exploring new approaches to overcome traditional industry borders and culture gaps.

Disclaimer can be found in the Chinese text.

Frequently Asked Questions List

Idea Submission:

Is this event for me?
Yes. If you are interested in using your creativity and creating Automotive Apps, you are welcome. App Jam gathers people from different backgrounds including technical (developers, coders designers) and business (marketing, finance, law). Participants will work in teams with like-minded, inspired, and skilled members to develop future automotive killer Apps. If you have either “ideas” and/or “talents” in design, information technology, digital media, marketing etc, this event is for you.

Can I participant with my team?
Yes and your team should consist of people from different specialties-a designer, a programmer, a marketer, etc.

How do I register?
click on the link:
There is an application form where you can register.

Can I register with more than one idea?
For sure. The more ideas you have, the more you are welcome!

Can I pitch my existing business?
Yes, you can. On the condition that you are not working on your ideas with any other automotive companies.

What if my idea doesn’t get selected?
Don’t give up. Please try again for our next project.

Do I need to pay for it?
No. You can just come with your ideas or talents!

What do I need to prepare?
Prepare your idea/talent for submission and your CV

What language should I use?
Either Chinese or English is accepted.

What should be included in the idea?
You should include the target group, the function your automotive App performs (e.g. information, lifestyle, entertainment), how your App works (function description/user scenario), and what hardware is required to use your App (screen, camera, smart-phone, tablet etc.).

Can I join without any particular idea in mind?
Yes. If you have special talents, you can join without any idea.

Who is the organizer of this workshop? What is Audi’s role in this?
Audi Tongji Joint Lab (ATJL) and Ask Lab develops and facilitates Audi App Jam in close cooperation with Audi’s headquarter in Germany and Audi China in Beijing. Ask Lab works with startup and creative professionals to solve challenges presented by businesses and organizations. Audi China initiates their challenge as the key theme of this workshop and they are also the sole sponsor of this event.

How do we deal with Intellectual Property? Do I have ownership of my idea?
Participants have ownership of their ideas and keep all rights to the concept they submit. In case Audi is interested in the concept, there will be an exclusive licensing agreement between the participant and Audi. The final price should be within the range of a reasonable market price. If Audi and the participant cannot reach a preliminary agreement within a mutually agreed time, Audi will no longer enjoy the exclusive right.

How can I protect against project sponsor or others from stealing my idea?
In reality you are not totally protected at the idea stage and the truth is that your cool App idea may have already be developed somewhere else in the world. This does not however mean that your idea isn’t a good one or worth pitching for the App Jam. However, you are welcome to share the key points of your idea that will get people excited but you do not need to reveal the entire idea in the first instance.

What if I use an element in my idea that the project sponsor or someone else already uses?   This is ok, as long as the idea is a development and ultimately new for Audi China and not a direct copy of another product.

Prototyping workshop:

What happens in the workshop?
We will select the best ideas pitched, forming teams for these ideas and using the Design Thinking process we will provide assistance and resources to help the teams to fast prototype their ideas.

What outcomes are expected from the workshop?
We expect teams to build App prototypes designed specifically for Audi China. The App designs are expected to be new, innovative, understandable and user friendly and to inspire Audi China to take the winning Apps to the next level of production.

How can I get invited to join? Can I join the prototyping workshop without being invited?
Please submit your idea/talents by clicking the link we provided.(
You cannot join the prototyping workshop without being invited.

Who are the professional mentors?

Liu Yan, CEO/Cofounder of Xindanwei, Founder of Ask Lab. Specialized in creative thinking process and lean startup methodology, team building and leadership

Hailei Wang, Director of digital at IDEO, Shanghai. Specializes in designing and developing compelling interaction experiences from concept to execution across multiple digital platforms

David Li, Foreman of Xinchejian. Specialties: Large scale network software system architecture. Currently focusing on online game middleware in Chinese and Japanese market.

Tinyfool, CTO/Chief Product Manager. Founder of iApp4me, blogger, specialist of iOS

What is team formation?
An idea author you can explain the talents they need and invite speciic people to join their team.
Talents can pitch to join an idea/team and can also reject offers.
The team discusses how the prize money should be split. In case of winning, Ask Lab will transfer the prize money to the idea author’s bank account. The idea author is responsible for transferring the agreed on parts to the talents.

How does the community voting work?
The community voting system is based on collective intelligence: the votes of many determine the best ideas.

What kind of resources and assistance are provided for the prototyping workshop?
Industrial/sector insights, channels, professional mentorship, and the potential of prizes, scaling opportunities, incentives even job opportunities and even seed funding for your idea’s.

What happens when I win?
The 3 winning teams will be supported with 25,000RMB per team to further develop the idea. 20% of the prize money will be paid upfront, the rest being paid on the final delivery on July 5, 2013. There is also the potential of being licensed for the product to be made available for Audi.

What can we do with the prize money if we win as a team?
The prize money is to further develop your prototype into a presentable App within 3 weeks. The event organizer will neither be involved nor in the way you allocate the prize the money nor be responsible.

Can I talk to the project sponsor Audi further after the prototyping workshop?
For sure, if they are interested in your prototype or specific talents.


What happens in the development phase?
You will work with your team and mentors to further develop your prototype into a presentable App within 3 weeks.

What outcomes are expected from the development?
To make the App demo on a Smartphone including all the major features of the app.

How can I get invited to the development phase?
The winning teams from the App Jam are offered the development phase opportunity

What kind of resources and assistance are provided for the development process?
Each mentor will provide you with their professional advice and assistance at least 2 times during this process.

Ask Lab the organization:

Who is Ask Lab? What does Ask Lab do?
Ask Lab is a social enterprise built upon Xindanwei, the first coworking community in China, with partners across Asia, Europe, US and Africa. Ask Lab is an interactive training program in research skills and creative thinking, based on ‘Design Thinking’. The outcomes from Ask Lab include inspiration, transformation, confidence and ownership to start your next individual and organizational endeavor. This isn’t just about generating ideas. It’s also about making the ideas happen!

How can I be informed about the future projects of Ask Lab?
Go to and sign up, and keep visiting our blogs at



欢迎来到Audi App Jam! 我们诚邀那些极具想法和才能的各路达人们一同为汽车行业创造全新的应用概念。我们将会在这里为他们提供汽车行业知识,专业的导师指导以及奖金,最棒的是参与者还将会在这里获得与奥迪中国市场与产品开发团队的对接!






1.) 智能手机应用:这是一个只针对智能手机的汽车应用,无论你在驱车赶路还是任何别的地方都可以乐在其中。
3.) 车载应用:这些应用程序是基于车载多媒体系统,供用户在车体内进行工作的。这类的应用的实现,需要高度融入周密的安全考虑。所以,在这其中的实践,测试,都是需要花费比前两者更多的时间才能有最终的成果。


A. 资讯类:为爱车提供以数据与服务为中心的体验,操作,个性化的形成管家等

B. 生活类:为客户提供综合服务,例如,体育,娱乐,健康,时尚,社交,旅游,购物,爱猫爱狗,杂志阅读,个人理财,家居生活等方方面面。

C. 娱乐类:我们提供视频,电影,戏剧,电视,纪录片,音乐剧,动画片,自拍短片,有声读物,在线学习等。


问社将以3步带大家玩到这次的Audi App Jam里:提交想法,建立模型,深化完善。








在2013年6月14号晚,被挑选出来的申请者将会被邀请向观众以及评委做想法呈现,随后会有5个想法被选出,参赛者将围绕这些被选出的想法而自行组队 。期间,还会有一只先前被选出的学生团队加入同台竞争。参赛团队将在紧接着的两天里根据想法建立模型。






奥迪同济联合实验室(ATJL)与问社, 奥迪德国总部,奥迪中国以及一同发起并组织了此次的Audi App Jam。


奥迪是国际著名的豪华汽车品牌,在中国,奥迪已经在高端汽车市场领跑了二十年有余。奥迪始终秉承着“突破科技,启迪未来”的理念,并一直努力保持在中国这个最大品牌市场上的领先优势。奥迪的“connect”服务,是基于2005年引入中国区的Audi’s award winning MMI technology进行的,而connect这个服务本身是从今年才开始面向中国区市场。这个概念是根据中国区客户的需求,为他们量身定制的,其中包括了一个可手写式的信息输入面板。奥迪致力于在用户界面设计上树立行业标准,着眼于做出一套能让奥迪用户享受每一天的驾车体验的颠覆性设计方案。



- 活动主办方及奥迪(中国)企业管理有限公司保留本次活动的所有解释权和修改权。
- 活动主办方及奥迪(中国)企业管理有限公司不承担因参与作品侵犯他人(单位)知识产权、工业产权、版权等而产生的法律责任,其法律责任由参与者本人承担。
- 活动过程中,所有参与者的肖像权归奥迪(中国)企业管理有限公司所有。
- 活动主办方及奥迪(中国)企业管理有限公司不承担因参与作品侵犯他人(单位)知识产权、工业产权、版权等而产生的法律责任,其法律责任由参与者本人承担。
- 所有参与者应对参与本次活动期间的人身安全和健康负责,活动主办方及奥迪(中国)企业管理有限公司不对此承担任何责任。
- 活动主办方及奥迪(中国)企业管理有限公司拥有所有参与作品收藏、展出和出版设计方案的权利。
- 参与者对自己的想法拥有所有权,并且保持对他们所提交想法的一切权利。一旦奥迪(中国)企业管理有限公司对你的想法感兴趣,你与奥迪(中国)企业管理有限公司之间将进一步就版权购买问题进行协商。最终的价格将在合理的市场价之内进行操作。如果在时间之内,奥迪(中国)企业管理有限公司与参与者终不能达成一致协议,奥迪(中国)企业管理有限公司将不再享有优先购买权。



当然,如果你想展现你的才华,或是有兴趣开发应用程序的话,我们欢迎你的加入。App Jam召集了来自各行各业的才子佳人,包括技术宅(开发人员,程序员)以及商业精英(市场,金融,法律)。参与者将在这里找到知音,或是与富于灵感,极具才能的人一起做出未来汽车行业切实可能的应用程序。如果你在设计,科技,数字媒体,或是市场营销方面有想法或是才能,这个竞赛就是为你量身打造的。











奥迪同济联合实验室(ATJL)与问社, 奥迪德国总部,奥迪中国以及一同发起并组织了此次的Audi App Jam。问社与初创团队以及创意领域的专家大牛们一起就企业和组织面临的挑战寻求切实有效的解决方案。奥迪中国将他们所面临的挑战作为此次工作坊的主题,他们也是此次工作坊的唯一赞助商。













1. 想法拥有者拟定自己所需要的专业人才,并向各位达人们发出邀请
2. 专业人才可以选择加入某个团队,或是拒绝来自任何一个团队的邀请
3. 团队建立之后,内部商讨奖金的分配问题。一旦获奖,问社将会将这些钱给到想法拥有者的账户,由她/他按照团队内部协定的分配方式进行分配。









App Jam的获胜团队将会被邀请进入到深化完善阶段。




前往xindanwei.com注册, 并留意



May 19, 2013

Exhibition of emotionandnature – paint and open your mind | 情感与自然

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[lang_en]Exhibition of emotionandnature – paint and open your mind

Opening party: 4:30pm, 19 May, 2013 – with DJ Pogo
Time: 19 May, 2013 – 16 June, 2013
Venue: Xindanwei,50 Yongjia Road
Cost: Free

Please complete the reservation form on this page before you come.

“emotionandnature” is painting with natural materials, sometimes even without a brush, and using unique objects with a meaning. These is real volcano lava in a fire-themed picture, real desert sand in an aborigines-inspired painting, or real cotton flowers in a fabric collage.
But the idea of “emotion and nature” goes deeper. It is about our nature as humans. From the first days of our lives, we are all lead by feelings and intuition. Conscious reasoning comes in later on out development. To be happy, open and successful, we need all of this combined. In the workshops offered by emotionandnature this can be seen and experienced by one self. Even if people have never painted never before – they will just do it, and be surprised by the result!

About Julie Bauer
Julie painted and made sculptures since she was a child. Being raised in Munich, Germany in an art and antiques collecting family, she was surrounded by cultural objects for her whole life. During a long career as an educator, she developed her own program of experience based learning and art based learning. Now she works as an artist by herself, and she gives courses for children and adults in Shanghai. The results amazed many, even professional artists who are taking courses to get inspiration.[/lang_en]


开幕酒会:2013年5月19日下午4:30 – DJ波戈
展览时间:2013年5月19日 – 2013年6月16日


“情感与自然” 是绘画中采用自然的材质,有时甚至不用画笔,常常会借用一些有独特意义的物体来作为表达。例如这里使用了真正的火山熔岩在以火为主题的图片中;把真正的沙土用于原住民风格的绘画;或真正的棉花做为拼贴的材料。




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May 5, 2013

HAPPY:Give me 5 Project Initiation | 何”乐”不为?:Give me 5当代摄影艺术新锐项目启动

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[lang_en]HAPPY:Give me 5 Project Initiation
Time: 5 May 2013, 3:30 PM
Venue: Xindanwei, 50 Yongjia Rd. Shanghai
Organizer: Xindanwei,C14gallery

Notice: This event is by reservation ONLY. Please complete the reservation form on this page before you come.

On 5th May, C14gallery will officially start “GIVE ME 5” as a project to promot young photographic talents. As a joint project between C14gallery and Edition Photo in Paris (21, rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, 75003 Paris), GIVE ME 5 aims to help promising photographic artists in China and France through local shows in two galleries in May and exchanging shows later in October.

In “GIVE ME 5” project, 5 is the principal. We will have 5 artists creating 5 new pieces as a series under one theme within a period of 5 weeks. All the works of Shanghai team will start to be shown on the opening day of June 15th for 55 days. (The opening of Paris exhibition is on May 15th.)

The theme, this year, of GIVE ME 5 is HAPPY (or Why Not). Why we choose to talk about happy? But, why not doing so?
For HAPPY is an absolutely objective experience, which artistic creation cannot live without. What we could not deny is that we are not living happily today. So these days, what does HAPPY means? Moreover, in the age of postmodernism, art has been faced with various crisis. Manipulated to be the slave of political propaganda, the musk of mass capital and the supplier of market, art, thus, has seldom been free. But this time, the theme of HAPPY may provide a free space for more individual and independent creation.

Our five local artists represented by C14gallery will have various reactions or interpretations of the theme HAPPY through their different visual styles. It can be simple and refreshing, or dim and cold, or obscure and sentimental, or straight forward even a bit rude.

Meanwhile, GIVE ME 5 project is not only a journey of self reflection through HAPPY for the artists, but an interaction with “audience” as well. We would like to have medias’ attention over the whole project. At the same time, C14gallery will keep posting the working process of our artists through Sina Weibo and Douban. Let’s witness and participate in the shaping of their creation. Let’s look forward to the staging of neo Chinese photography.

Project Duration: 2013.5.5 – 2013.6.9
Opening: 2013.6.15
Artists: Yang Jingyi, Jia Rui, Tang Yinting,Yuan Xiaopeng, Zhou Peng



[lang_cn]何”乐”不为?:Give me 5当代摄影艺术新锐项目启动
主办方:新单位,碳 14 画廊


碳 14 画廊(C14 Gallery)将于 2013 年 5 月 5 日,正式开启“ GIVE ME 5”当代摄影艺术新 锐项目。本项目携手巴黎画廊 Edition Photo(21, rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, 75003 Paris), 以“5 月上海,10 月巴黎”的姿态,交换展览上海和巴黎团队的作品,旨在挖掘中法两地的年 轻摄影艺术家。

“Give me 5”,把“5”进行到底。“5”位青年艺术家在一个“母题”下选择各自的创作主题, 在“5”周的时间内,拍摄完成“5”张为一组的摄影作品。上海团队的最后成果将在 6 月 15 日开幕展出,为期 55 天(巴黎团队于 5 月 15 日开幕)。

今年“ Give me 5”的主题是:何“乐”不为(HAPPY) -“何乐而不为乐”。为什么要谈“快 乐”但又为什么不呢? 快乐是一种主观体验,而艺术本身就离不开主观体验。我们不得不承认,现在,我们生活得不 快乐,那么“当下”的“快乐”究竟是什么?而艺术,进入后现代以来,各种价值观分崩离析, 被迫成为政治的傀儡, 资本的伪装, 市场的供应商, “快乐”这个命题,便是开启了一次更加 纯粹更加个人化的“快乐”创作。

本次碳 14 画廊(C14 Gallery)推出的五位本土新锐,将展现出各自不同的影像风格对“快乐” 进行发问和回答: 或是极简主义的素净,或是幽暗内省式的自问,或是强闪光下对于生活细节 的大胆逼视,又或是正方形胶片里流露出的朦胧感伤。 这场“快乐”的自我反问中,将注重于“观众”的参与程度,拟邀请各类媒体对整个创作过程 进行长期关注。

碳 14 画廊(C14 Gallery)也将通过微博、豆瓣等互动平台,以最快和最有趣 的方式更新各位艺术家的创作进展,让我们共同见证并参与他们的创作过程,为摄影当代艺术 带来“快乐”的新元素。

参展艺术家: 杨婧仪、贾睿、唐音婷、袁小鹏、周鹏[/lang_cn]

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April 18, 2013

The Future of Coworking – Dialogue With Brad Krauskopf and Liu Yan

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Time: 18 April 2013, 6:30 PM
Venue: Haworth Organic Workspace ,17F, Eco City, 1788 West Nanjing Road
Organizer: Xindanwei

Notice: THIS EVENT IS BY INVITATION ONLY, and we are expecting no more than 30 audiences. If you want to be invited please send us an email with your name, occupation and bio to 


Technology is enabling small and large organisations to work in a very different way, for large organisations the imperative has moved beyond simply retaining and connecting the talent within their organisation and it’s future financial success is more and more dependant on it’s potential to leverage and mobilise the talent outside of the organisation. For freelancers and small companies the ability to connect the dots and mobilise a global small business has never been more possible or more important.

Come to join the dialogue with two coworking movement pioneers in Australia and China to build new insights and understanding how the future of work would entail for all of us.

Brad Krauskopf

Brad Krauskopf is an entrepreneur, innovator and speaker that is passionate about connecting the dots to create new business models and ways of working. As CEO of Hub Australia, Australia’s largest coworking community, which he founded in 2011, Brad works with small and large organisations across Australia to drive innovation through collaboration across sectors, disciplines and generations. His most recent venture is Third Spaces, which works with business, government and the community with an aim to enable a national network of shared workspaces in Australia. He is an ambassador for the Connected Village and part of the Leadership Group of the Shared Value Project.

With the freelancing economy growing at a game-changing rate, specialisation and niches giving way to hyper-specialisation and micro-niches, organisations, whether big or small, are collaborating in order to deliver even the most basic services. There is always more talent outside your org than in it – an organisations future success will be largely determined not just by its ability to connect the people and knowledge within its organisation but its ability to leverage the talent outside of your organisation.

He believes strongly that Australia’s future lies in fostering a ‘collaboration boom’. On a global level, Australia is a small business, to ensure our economic prosperity beyond the mining boom we will need to become absolute ninjas in collaboration. There is awesome potential in combining our diverse knowledge capital, tourism/ agricultural/ resource assets and our proximity to Asia.

Brad is a dynamic and engaging professional speaker. He has spoken on a diverse range of subjects including the coworking movement, new ideas on shaping the future of work, and creating social capital and knowledge through collaboration. These topics appeal to a broad spectrum of the public, from corporate executives to freelancers and government to education.

Liu Yan

Liu Yan is a learning community builder, a social entrepreneur, a learner and a mother. She established Xindanwei in 2009, the first and by far the largest coworking center in China, an international innovation hub and one of the “World Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in China” listed by FastCompany. She is the author of “Coworking Manual”– a book published at App Store under Creative Commons to help entrepreneurs to set up coworking community worldwide. She is the founder of Ask Lab, an open innovation platform and consultancy to connect startup/creative community with the large business/societal challenges.

Liu Yan’s educational background is predominantly in Arts Management and Marketing with a breadth in cultural and creative entrepreneurial study and practices.She is the founding participant of THNK, the Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership. Liu Yan speaks regularly at international conferences on social innovation, leadership and social media. She served as the jury member of Prix Ars Electronica 2011-2012, one of the most premium international award for digital art and community project. And she is the mentor of ESCEL China, a fully-subsidized incubation program for entrepreneurs looking to build or expand a social business in greater China, and the lead organizer of Startup Weekend Shanghai.

As an independent consultant and lecturer in the Netherlands from 2003-2007 prior to her return to China, she served as advisory board member on cultural entrepreneurship for the city municipal of Utrecht, and worked as the advisor of the China program of Dutch Electronic Arts Festival(DEAF), an international and interdisciplinary biennial that focuses on art, technology and society, and has curated and organized the Creative Cross China & Europe conference for PICNIC, Amsterdam’s leading annual international event, highlighting creativity and innovation.

April 11, 2013

Dialogue with Wen Dombrowski & Reine Essobmadje

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Time: 11 April 2013, 7:30 PM
Venue: Xindanwei, 50 Yongjia Rd. Shanghai
Organizer: Xindanwei
Cost: 40RMB ( including coffee and tea)

Notice: This event is by reservation ONLY. Please complete the reservation form on this page before you come.


Xindanwei Co-founder/CEO Liu Yan invites you to join the conversation with Wen Dombrowski, a New York based expert in Healthcare, Elderly Care, Innovation, Technology, and Social Media.

Wen Dombrowski, MD

Wen Dombrowski, MD is a physician executive that intersects clinical medicine, technology, business, and policy. She is both visionary in strategy and operationally gets things done by connecting ideas, people, and resources.

Her clinical expertise focuses on vulnerable populations with complex medical and social needs — including older adults, people with disabilities, patients with chronic or life-limiting illnesses, and the urban poor. She is board certified in Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, and HIV. She has worked directly with patients in hospitals, nursing home, assisted living, adult day care, house calls and hospice.

Wen currently works with healthcare organizations and startups to develop technology, business, and collaborative solutions that improve the quality of life of elderly and other vulnerable populations. She also uses social media to foster dialogue between patients, providers, business executives, and technology companies to address the challenges and solutions to healthcare and aging.

Wen was previously the Director of Clinical Informatics at a network of community health centers in New York, overseeing the electronic medical records software and data analytics team. Prior to that, she was a Medical Director at a health insurance company that specialized in providing home-based care to poor and disabled elderly. She has served on several state, city, and hospital executive committees related to bioethics, aging, disability, health technology, and healthcare administration.

Wen teaches a medical school Aging course and is regularly invited to speak at national and regional conferences about aging, health information technology, social media, and workforce development.

For more information, connect with Wen at:

Guest Speaker:Reine Essobmadje

Reine Essobmadje is an Engineer graduate in 2004, from ECE Paris with an additional program in Management from Stafford University in UK.

She is currently student of Executive Global MBA (expected in July 2013) from IE Business School in Spain with the intent of enforcing her dual skills in sciences and management.

With a double culture (African and European) Reine advocate for the added value of ICT4Dev in various sectors (finance, education, agronomy…), while in parallel being involved in scientist and women organizations as reflected below:

Member of:

  • INWES International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists
  • WFEO – WIE & CIC committee (World Federation of Engineers Organizations)
  • EPWN – European Professional Women Network
  • Millennia 2015 (Telemed & WeHealth)
  • Femmes Ingénieures

With the intent of using ICT to achieve the MDGs (Millenary Goal for Development) Reine is also the promoter of ICT days (annual free conference and training) under the brand name “ICT days of TIC of Evolving Consulting” launched in Cameroon in 2010.

As an Entrepreneur, she is the founder of Evolving Consulting in France and Cameroon.

The company covers ICT and telecommunications projects in Europe and Africa with the vision to adapt international best practices to each local context for prestigious customers like World Bank, ITU, ICT Ministries in Cameroon, Congo, Burundi, …, Regulatory Board, etc

As an international consultant she has conducted some studies on ICT :

  • ITU Expert in Burundi ICT Ministry (Telecommunication Tariffs analysis)
  • Consultant for Central African Backbone (CAB) Projects in Congo and Cameroon
  • Training on ICT legal framework in Cameroon
  • Managed services for Alcatel-Lucent XXL Accounts
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March 13, 2013

2013 Successful Design Awards – China|2013最成功设计大赛开赛!

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[lang_en]What is successful design?

Successful design is the crystallization of intelligence, inspiration and passion; it requires first-class management ability and should ultimately achieve business success.

This award is the premier international competition honoring successful design in the Chinese market covering various disciplines of design. It seeks to honor top international designers and enterprises for their designs that are most successful in the Chinese market.

2013 Successful Design Awards – China is happy to announce that it’s that time of the year again!

You are invited to take the challenge to compete with the world’s best.

The 8th annual Successful Design Awards – China will begin accepting submissions on February 19th. Final submissions will be available until June 30th, but be sure to submit before April 30th to take advantage of our early bird offer.

All winners will be invited to join our 2013 Awards ceremony in September. All awarded entries will be published in the 2013 Successful Design Awards-China Yearbook. The awarded entries will be presented with images and a description in both English and Chinese on the Successful Design Awards-China website. This online exhibition is not limited in duration. Once the results have been announced, the Successful Design Awards-China Endorsement Mark will be available to all award winners. Winners will then have the official right to describe themselves as winners of the Successful Design Awards – China.

Show us your excellent designs. We are looking forward for your participation!

Visit for more details about Successful Design Awards – China.

Tel:(86) 21 5059 6066 ext. 802/884

Photos for 2012 ceremony:
Video for 2012 ceremony:
2012 Jury Panel:
2012 Winning Design:
Download 2012 yearbook:[/lang_en]





所有获奖公司代表将荣邀参加2013年9月的颁奖典礼,获奖作品将被录入“2013最成功设计大赛”年鉴中,并将在 “2013年度最成功设计大赛”官网作无限期在线展示。得奖者可下载大赛获奖标签的模板档案,以便运用在网站、介绍册、包装及广告等宣传媒介。


欢迎访问大赛网站 了解更多细节和关于大赛的最新信息。

如果您有其他的疑问,欢迎email联系我们 或致电:86-21-5050-6066 转 884或802。



March 9, 2013


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TIME :9 March,Saturday

VENUE:668 Huai An Road, Jing An District,Shanghai


Social Playground is a non-profit movement that through open innovation and networking, is dedicated to promoting social entrepreneurship and innovation by creating their own maps and ecosystems in cities worldwide.


Helping people, both taking ideas to action, such as helping existing projects to the next level, to use their talents and share it creating networks and encouraging an entrepreneurial culture. – Create a map of social entrepreneurs and innovators in the cities first, and then in the world.


Through events, workshops, projects in cities around the world, encourage entrepreneurs, social innovators, investors, social enterprises and companies with CSR, to create self- sustaining action groups to generate social impact in their environment.


9th of March – Create the Social Innovation & Entrepreneurs map in Shanghai, China.

4h of May- Create the Social Innovation & Entrepreneurs map in Pune/Mumbai, India.

29th of June – Create the Social Innovation & Entrepreneurs map in Madrid, Spain.

27th of July – Create the Social Innovation & Entrepreneurs map in Berlin, Germany

28th of September – Create the Social Innovation & Entrepreneurs map in Amsterdam, Holland.

26th of October – Create the Social Innovation & Entrepreneurs map in Bilbao, Spain.

30th of November – Create the Social Innovation & Entrepreneurs map of the World in Barcelona, Spain.


Social Playground is an initiative developed by Jump In! & Snatu, 2 entrepreneur cooperatives founded as a spin-off of the 2nd generation of the Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation degree of the Mondragon University.

We are part of the Mondragon Team Academy community, where team working is the base of the activity. This Entrepreneurship unit (Team Academy) was founded in the University of Applied Sciences of Jyväskylä (Finland) in 1993.


Spain & Basque Country

Mondragon University

Mondragon Unibertsitatea is a young university, created in 1997 and officially recognised by Law 4/1997 of 30th May.

The University was created by the association of three educational cooperatives, with the guarantee of an extensive career and experience in the world of education.

Polytechnic School

Faculty of Bussiness Studies

Faculty of Humanities and Education

Culinary Science Faculty

At Mondragon Unibertsitatea they have a commitment towards social transformation, which is specified in our participatory model. They are a cooperative university, which belongs to the Mondragon Corporation, with a clear human vocation and a commitment to our environment, our society and our time.

Their teaching model involves a system of relationships which, with the educational system as the central theme, aims to involve the companies and institutions in the area, in order to guarantee social accessibility, the combination of work and study, the development of research and the provision of Continuing Education.

One of the main characteristics of Mondragon Unibertsitatea is their close and permanent relationship with the working world, enabling them to outline our educational offer by adapting it to the needs of companies and organisations.

Their relationship with Mondragon Corporation – which contains 230 companies and institutions and more than 70,000 workers – along with the agreements they have with numerous companies and organisations from various sectors, enables the students to come into direct contact with the working world right from the start of their studies.


Is the Basque Innovation Agency.

Their Vision: To turn Euskadi “THE” European innovation benchmark.

Their Mission: To drive the process of transforming Euskadi towards an innovating society

in all spheres, for which their are working to weave complicities, define priorities, forge a strong bond between public and private agents and to foster the demand and necessary stimulus in companies and society as a whole.

Because they believe that:

• Innovation is the driver of economic and social change which we have to address in a

global environment marked by swift change.

• Shared private-public leadership is required.

• It is essential to share actions, strategies and outlooks in all spheres.

The Hub

The HUB is about the power of innovation through collaboration.

They believe there is no shortage of good ideas to solve the issues of our time. But there is an acute lack of collaboration and support structures to help make them happen. The HUB was founded to address this need.

They set out to create spaces that combine the best of a trusted community, innovation lab, business incubator and the comforts of home.Spaces with all the tools and trimmings needed to grow and develop innovative ventures for the world. But above all, spaces for meaningful encounters, exchange and inspiration, full of diverse people doing amazing things.

The idea has been spreading like wildfire and resulted in the emergence of a global movement. To date, there are 30+ open HUBs and many more in the making, from London to San Francisco, Johannesburg, Melbourne and Sao Paulo.


Spanish Social Entrepreneurs Network.


Lynn King

Founder an Managing director of Sage Vision. Manager of Organization Development, Rapid5 Networks, CA, USA, Director of Human Resources and Organization Development RAE Systems, Inc., CA, USA, Senior Trainer & Staff Developer, Educators For Social Responsibility (ESR), NY, USA

Current Work: a global leadership coach, trainer, and consultant helping clients “bridge gaps” between the potential and the reality, between understanding and action, between cultural polarity and plurality, between fear-based decision-making and highest vision

Emerging Work: Social innovator and innovation diffusion catalyst.

Social innovation: a novel solution to a social problem that is more effective, efficient, sustainable, or just than existing solutions and for which the value created accrues primarily to society as a whole rather than private individuals. — Stanford Social Innovation Review

Her Great Work: to facilitate the emergence of a “glocal” (global and local) mindset that optimizes human and planetary well-being.

Liu Yan

CEO/Co-founder of Xindanwei Coworking Space (Shanghai).

Liu Yan is an advocate of cross-culture and cross discipline exchange, a social entrepreneur and a community organizer. Working primarily as the CEO and cofounder of Xindanwei, a co- working community and one of the leading creative centers in Shanghai which promotes and facilitates creativity, sharing and collaboration, she speaks regularly at international conferences such as Skoll World Forum and TEDx on social entrepreneurship, innovation and social media. She served as the jury member of Prix Ars Electronica 2011-2012, one of the most premium international award for digital art and community project. And she is the mentor of ESCEL China, a fully-subsidized incubation program for entrepreneurs looking to build or expand a social business in greater China.

Green Drinks

A green link is any type of connection that results in a step toward environmentally responsible development. Green links come in many forms. A green link can be as straightforward as someone making the mental connection that taking the metro instead of taking a taxi can contribute to improving air quality in their local area. Another simple example would be professionals who connected at a GDC networking event begin to collaborate on a new green initiative; which is exactly how e8 resources was founded (

Through events, initiatives and educational programs, we encourage organizations, students and communities to collaborate and take action on environmental issues. We:

• Create and support projects and initiatives.

• Empower people to take action by linking them to causes.

• Design custom events, educational workshops and adventures.

Anken Green

Centrally located in Shanghai’s Jing An District, Anken Green is a renovated mixed-use warehouse that lies adjacent to the Suzhou Creek. Design Inspired by its Bauhaus heritage and converted for the purpose of office and commercial use, Anken Green is committed to the implementation and promotion of energy efficient practices and environmentally sensitive design. Anken Green is ideal for companies who share the same values; a love for restored warehouses and a sense of responsibility for our environment.

Net Impact

Net Impact inspires a new generation to use their careers to tackle the world’s toughest social and environmental problems. We empower student and professional leaders to act locally though our vibrant chapter network and connect globally online and through our flagship conference. By 2020, we will mobilize a million new leaders to drive positive change in the workplace and the world.

Drink Entrepreneurs

DrinkEntrepreneurs is a monthly event where entrepreneurs connect in a relaxed way. The event runs every first Thursday of the month in Shanghai but also in Paris, London, San Francisco and many other cities. Thousands of entrepreneurs have met partners, co-workers, investors and friends through the event.


14:00 Check In!

We will create the Map of the Social Entrepreneurship of Shanghai!

14:15 Speed Dating

The moment to know each other better in the context of the question “Which is your gift for the Social Entrepreneurship in Shanghai?”

14:35 Video

Inspirational video to realize about the importance of taking part in the Shanghai Social Playground

14:45 Presentation of Shanghai Social Playground

Time to present ourselves.

14:50 Speakers

Influent people in Social Innovation, would analyse the situation and tell their experience.

• Iñigo Blanco

• Alexandra Chu & David San Román

15:15 Pro-Action Coffee

We will work in groups using a design thinking tool to turn the projects into the next level.

18:15 Presentations

Each team will present to the other the work they have done

19:00 Informal Network with food & drink!

CONTACT:,+86 15821517904

Time to have fun!

March 8, 2013

Iniciador Shanghai

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Time: Saturday, March 9, 2013 from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM
Venue: 17F, Eco City, 1788 West Nanjing Road, Haworth organic space

Notice: This event is by reservation ONLY. Please complete the reservation form on this page ( before you come.

Iniciador Shanghai is an event created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, which aims to bring together in the same physical space students of different profiles, entrepreneurs and consolidated companies with the aim of identifying new future opportunities and promote the entrepreneurial spirit in the young audience.

Time schedule


100 students working on five real company challenges using innovative methods and Team Academy tools. The teams would be (created) by different background students to give solutions creating new service or products for
the companies.

13:00 – 14:30 LUNCH

Time to have lunch with your team and close all the details for the presentation to the companies.

14:30 – 18:00 WHY WAS MADE, HOW WAS MADE

The teams would need to present all the final results to the companies and to the rest of the teams. Inspirational speches from 4 different entrepreneurs that have already created their own company.

18:00 -18:30 NETWORKING CAFE

Open networking to share our projects and experience with all the participants and find new opportunities

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