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Why Chair Member

For startups:
Promote you to 10,000 people + 8 hour curriculum /mentorship hours + improve communication/presentation skills in 2 hours + daily comraderie + work from 3 top locations

For people supporting startups:
0 distance to great idea’s and projects + participate in projects through 8 hour curriculum/mentorship hours + improve listening/communication/debriefing skill in 2 hours + daily comraderie + work from 3 top locations

Chair membership is an exclusive “startup community” program including workspaces to help impact-focused commercial companies grow to the next level. Instead of tackling the barriers of start-up alone, we create a community to share resources, expertise and a network to scale faster.

Chair membership makes it possible for you to work from three amazing and unique Xindanwei workspaces located in the most beautiful neighborhood of Shanghai formal French concession. For just 500RMB/month, the Xindanwei Chair Membership makes it easier for you to work anytime during the workdays, in any location that is most convenient for you, and mix with different likeminded people who inspires you and brings business to you. The Xindanwei membership provides you with the following Community Host services:

Share insights, ideas, events and resources with our network of like-minded companies and 10,000 followers. Building a network takes years, joining a network takes seconds.

Connect with our local partners, media affiliates, and investors who can help offer avenues for growth, exposure and funding through our community events.

Receive group or one-on-one coaching from our close network of mentors (social entrepreneurs, corporates and business owners) whom can offer invaluable insight into your development.

Who is Chair member?
Michael MicheliniStefanie ValleeHabib BelaribiPatrick CaiMatt TaylorSacha Guyon

 6M high speed wireless Internet access
network printing and photocopying
 free “Community Host services“ 
 50% discount on meeting room use(10RMB/person/hour)
 free tea supply in lounge area

50% discount on all the Xindanwei open events entry
Can rent the storage closet for 85rmb/month
Minimum 3 months contract
20% Discount at Xin Cafe

*Opening time 9:30 – 18:30 (Working day)
*Access to other Xindanwei workspaces
*Referred by existing member ONLY