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February 8, 2012

My Perspectives on Fashion Brand Strategy and Product Management | 法国时尚界元老Martine Leherpeur谈时尚品牌与产品的管理运营

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“My Perspectives on Fashion Brand Strategy and Product Management”

Time: Feb 8, 2012
6:00-7:00pm, reception @C’est la Chine, second floor of Xindanwei property, No. 3, Shao Xing Rd 47 (close to Shaanxi Rd South)
7:30-9:30pm, seminar @Ground floor of Xindanwei, Yongjia Rd 50(close to Shaanxi Rd South)
Hosted by:Moyin Cultural Communication Co. Ltd, Xindanwei
Supported by: PETIT PONT MLC Fashion Consulting,C’est la Chine, 
Cost:30RMB (including fresh coffee and tea)
Attention: This event is limited to professional and media in the fashion design and lifestyle industries ONLY, please RSVP your name, organization and phone number to before Feb 6, 2012, we will confirm your attendance by email.  

By Martine Leherpeur
Fashion management consultant guru Martine Leherpeur will share her 40 years experience and some useful tips in Fashion Brand and product management for fashion professionals, startups and designers. She will also share her perspectives on the development of Chinese fashion industry.

About Martine Leherpeur :

1967-1975 : A product experience of 8 years in Mafia, the first style agency in France.
1975-1985 :  10 years as an independent journalist for ELLE, the Harper’s Bazaar and Women’s Wear Daily.
Passions : art, creation, innovation, travels, sport
A continuous watching of emerging phenomenon in design and beauty  areas filling out the reflection of the firms in their product developments
Martine Leherpeur Conseil :  « A prospective, brand strategy and product design » office, to coach French and International firms in fashion, sport, beauty-cosmetic, decoration, food… all along the creation process.
Professor of product management, IFM, one of the leading world specialists in fashion and product strategy.
Martine Leherpeur regularly creates and implements creativity seminars for firms and institutions.
It is an operational structure with a local team that works in coordination with the Parisian Office.


法国时尚界元老Martine Leherpeur谈时尚品牌与产品的管理运营

下午6:00-7:00 小型酒会,绍兴路47弄三号新单位二楼C’est la Chine(靠近陕西南路)
下午7:30-9:30 讲座 ,永嘉路50号新单位(靠近陕西南路)
协办Supported by:小桥MLC时尚咨询公司,C’est la Chine, 
费用:30元 (包括一杯现磨咖啡或茶水)
注意:此活动只针对时尚设计行业的专业人员和生活时尚类媒体,请在2月6日之前将您的姓名,工作单位及联系电话发给, 我们收到邮件后会回信与您确认。



Martine Leherpeur,法国著名设计管理专家,20年的中国通,40年的时尚界元老,IFM清华大学教授
法国Martine Leherpeur Conseil (MLC时尚咨询公司)的创始人。2012年1月9日获得法国国家功勋骑士勋章,以表彰其在时尚文化领域和中法文化交流领域所做出的杰出贡献。
作为国际知名时尚咨询顾问,Martine Leherpeur女士从事时尚行业超过40年时间,与多位世界著名服装设计师保持长久而深厚的友谊,其中包括伊夫圣洛朗,三宅一生等。她服务的客户覆盖奢侈品、服装、化妆品,汽车,食品及零售行业,从法国、意大利、德国,美国,俄罗斯,日本到中国 。
1967年到1975年之间,Martine Leherpeur女士在发行全世界第一本流行趋势手册的法国MAFIA时尚咨询公司担任时尚咨询顾问。而后的十年之间,分别在法国《Elle》美国《Harper’s Bazaar》,《Vital》担任时尚编辑。1987年,创办了MLC时尚咨询公司,从1991年开始在IFM(巴黎时尚管理学院)担任教授,教授品牌产品战略。2006年受聘为清华大学商学院时尚管理EMBA 课程的特邀资深教授,教授品牌战略和创意营销专业。
Martine Leherpeur女士热爱生活,热爱滑雪,登山,骑马,帆船等运动。曾驾驶帆船三次横渡大西洋,并成功登顶欧洲最高峰勃朗峰。
Martine Leherpeur女士热爱中国,自1979年第一次来华后,每年多次来中国授课及商务交流,并于2004年在上海成立了MLC中国分公司:小桥MLC时尚咨询公司。
MLC时尚咨询公司从1987年成立至今,服务的国际时尚品牌不计其数,奢侈品牌有:Louis Vuitton, Kenzo, Hermès,  Christian Lacroix, Courrèges, Lancel, Dior, Emilio Pucci,  Escada等;中高端及大众品牌有:家乐福, 欧莱雅集团旗下品牌,艾格法国, Gap, 123, KOOKAÏ, Morgan, Dormeuil,  Comptoir des Cotonniers, Chantal Thomass, Chantelle, Aubade等;国际运动品牌有: Adidas, Nike, Converse, Fila, 迪卡侬, Le coq sportif, Quiksilver, Aigle , 环法自行车赛衍生产品开发等。 小桥MLC在中国市场的客户有美特斯邦威,太平鸟,马克华菲, 九牧王集团,佰草集, UR , 亦谷女装, 风笛服饰, 贝甜童装,中国艾格,中国Cachecache,中国Lotto,中国Dior, Moncler, Dirk Bikkembergs,巴黎老佛爷商城 等。ABOUR MARTINE LEHERPEUR

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June 9, 2011

Make Sense Hold-Up #June @Xindanwei | 新单位问题诊断会 第二期

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[lang_en]MakeSense Hold-up# JUNE @ Xin Dan Wei

Let’s try to solve the challenge of XinDanWei, creative open project that meets the entrepreneurs out-of-the-box!

Time: 7:20 – 9:15 PM Thursday June 9, 2011
Venue: Xin Dan Wei, Yongjia Road 50, Xuhui District, Shanghai, CHINA
Organizer: Xindanwei,

This is an invitation only event and requires reservation. The number of participants is limited to 12, so RSVP asap!

About the event
Let’s get together to try to solve the challenge proposed by XinDanWei coworking space and Makesense Shanghai Social Entrepreneurship Opensource Platform!
After a first successful workshop organized in April with 12 over-motivated participants, we would like to do it again and invite you to a new creative workshop using original means to get the most original ideas out of you !
This time, the challenge will be to build a new collaborative webplatform for creative freelances and entrepreneurs out-of-the-box… in less than 2 Hours!
No worries though, we are not looking for geeks! (not that time at least;), we just want to give you the opportunity to imagine and create the whole thing “on the paper” .. so to say !
Indeed, this new kind of creative workshops will be hold in a friendly atmosphere with 10 other fellows (just like you!) with who you will have the occasion to experience among others:
- Group Open Ideas Sessions
- Videoprototyping
We hope you will definitely will join coz if it’s the case, we can already bet some of you will like to share their creations with their friends after the event !!
By the way, food and drinks will be provided..!

The creativity workshop will be organized as follow :
- 3 minutes : Presentation of Xin Dan Wei co-working space
- 3 minutes : Introduction of Makesense
- 7 minutes : explanation of the challenge / organization of the session
- 30 minutes : Brainstorm – foolish ideas !
- 10 minutes : Break – drinks and food
- 30 minutes : Brainstorm – concepts videoprototyping !
- 20 min : Concept Trial
- 5 minutes : volunteering interviews, drinks and food

The workshop will be animated in English and Chinese by both 2 cool Makesense members, in the company of XinDanWei co-founders.

About Organizers
新单位| Xindanwei

Check out event photos on our Flickr group!

新单位问题诊断会 第二期

新单位是一个聚合和联结新创企业家的开放计划。这是一个全新的概念,面临各种全新的问题和挑战。我们与Make Sense合作,不定期进行专题诊断会,试图凝聚开放的力量探讨问题并研究可行的解决方案。

时间:2011年六月九日,周四,晚上7:20 – 9:15


- 分组开放想法讨论环节
- 视觉引导的草案行成环节

- 3 分钟:介绍新单位──一种新的工作方式
- 3 分钟:Makesense团队及其理念介绍
- 7 分钟:解释本次研讨会挑战的问题和相关的机构
- 30 分钟:脑力激荡时间──尽情给出你最疯狂的想法!
- 10 分钟:休息时间 – 吃点什么喝点什么
- 30 分钟:脑力激荡时间──在图形草案的引导下概念成型!
- 20 分钟:概念试用
- 5 分钟:自由讨论、问答时间,,还有水果和饮料!


新单位| Xindanwei


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May 26, 2011

Poor Coffee – An Art Project| 普洱咖啡──一个艺术计划

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Poor Coffee – An Art Project

Poor Coffee is an art project by artist ZHENG Yuan-Han. It is now presented at Xindanwei and can be ordered from the Xinkafei menu.

Duration: 26th May 2011 – To Be Informed
Location: Xindanwei, 50 Yongjia Rd., Shanghai
Cost: 35 rmb/cup
Artist:  ZHENG Yuan-Han

About the Poor Coffee:
This project is about Mixing, Lineage, Time, Memory, Emotion and Life. By mixing two common tastes from daily life, the traditional information within each of them evolves into a brand new way of thinking and experience.

Poor Coffee is a beverage composed of authentic coffee and fermented Pu’er tea. Looked at from the perspective of its timeline, its cultural background and tradition, Pu’er and coffee are heavily symbolic beverages.

“Poor Coffee” is both a public installation and a space to provide a service. It can be set up in a particular place by hand, and then exists and serves as a node for people to meet in. Through the Poor Coffee installation, the information being conveyed and exchanged in this particular space can be stored in the artwork, thus, this exchange of information conveys the new thinking and experience which are advocated by Poor Coffee.

The new thinking embodied in the drink considers how, in our short lives, we can experience a state which is more peaceful, more open, more tolerant and integrating wisdom within this impulsive and chaotic world.

This new experience of coffee together with Pu’er tea, combines eachs long history as well as their beautiful legends. They are also similar in colour and the emotion, and their profoundness lies in their deep colour. Coffee is refreshing with its distinctive aroma, tasting bitter at first, followed by sweetness. Similarly, Pu’er tea’s bittersweet taste leaves people with an aftertaste of a legacy of history and reverie.

Coffee finds itself in every corner of the Western world and is closely related to space as a form of culture. Tea enjoys the same position in Asian cultures, such as China, Japan and India. Tea is also a noble beverage in Western countries with an exotic touch, and it becomes a key product in our time advocating the concept of nature, environmental protection and the maintenance of health. Pu’er itself enjoys a long history and its nature, colour and taste resemble those of coffee to a considerable degree. The combination of these two drinks can generate a special emotion and multi-level taste, which also embodies the diversity of culture.

Confronted with globalisation, the turbulence and shocks in the world; facing terrorism, assassination, coups, tsunami, earthquakes and the decline in morality in human beings – what has become of us? Where have all the glorious ideas of the philosophers gone? What about the humanism that we used to have? Poor Coffee is more than just a new taste and a new cultural thought, it is also a time machine which makes time stand still. It’s a complement to life, and it’s about a hope for “slowness”.

The form of the piece:
The artwork “Poor Coffee” can be presented in various forms. It can be as large as a real cafe or as small as a sign or a mobile installation. It is omnipresent. Each one of the potential forms can be the external experience conveying the inner information within the piece.
The piece provides free WIFI on site when displayed. The surroundings will be integrated with the piece for the external experience that Poor Coffee creates.

Visit the project’s website: Poor Coffee for more information.


时间: 2011年五月开始,结束时间未定
地点: 上海市永嘉路50号,新单位
费用: 35 元/杯
艺术家:  郑云瀚

这个计划是一个关于“混杂”、“传承”、“时间”、“记忆”、“情感”与“生命”的作品。通过混杂日常中两种普通的味觉,进而带动他们背后所传承的信息进化成一种“新的思考”,一种“新的体验”。 普洱咖啡:是将纯正的咖啡和发酵后的熟普洱茶混合处理的饮料。无论从时间线索,文化线索还是习惯反应来讲,普洱茶和咖啡都是这个世界上最具有代表性的饮料。 普洱咖啡既是一个公共装置,也是一个服务空间。他可以在一夜之间切入一个环境内,在空间中作为一个节点而存在。通过普洱咖啡这种饮料为触角,将空间中交流交换的信息保存在作品中。通过信息的交换传达出普洱咖啡所倡导的“新的思考”“新的体验”。

“新的思考”是在浮躁混乱的现实世界里,怎样才能用一种更加“平和”,更加“开阔”,更加“包容”,更加“融智”的状态来行走我们短暂的生命体验。 “新的体验”咖啡与熟普洱茶同样具有着悠久的历史和美丽的传说。在汤色与情感上有类似的地方,浑浊中透着空冥。咖啡醇香提神,先苦后甘,普洱茶同样是回甘青涩,细品之下有历史的余韵和遐思。

咖啡根植到西方世界的每一个空间,作为一种文化与空间紧密相连。茶——具有同样的地位在中国、日本、印度等亚洲国家,同时作为西方异国情调的高雅饮品,成为当代讲求自然、环保、养生理念需要的必需。普洱茶的历史很悠久,普洱本身的品性、色泽、味道在很大程度上与咖啡具有一定的相似性。两种饮料的综合可以产生一种特别的情绪,在口感上多层次的感受,也是文化思考上 多重的体现。 直面当下全球性,浮动与碰撞不断的背景下,恐怖袭击、暗杀、政变、海啸、地震等天灾人祸,以及人类个体的道德缺失。我们到底怎么了?之前那么多伟大哲人的思想那里去了?我们所拥有过的准则那里去了?普洱咖啡不仅仅提供了一种新的味觉,新的文化思考,同时也是使时间停留的时光机器,也许会是一种生活的调剂,也许是关于“慢”的希望。

普洱咖啡可以有很多种形态,大到一个真正的咖啡馆,小到一个标牌或者是一个移动的装置⋯⋯无可不可,无处不在,都可以是传达出作品内在的信息的外在体验。 作品呈现时有免费的WIFI对环境开放,这一换杂的环境,是普洱咖啡为外在体验所创造的融合空间。


April 17, 2011

“In-Utile” – A Discussion into Chinese Contemporary Fashion Design | 记录片《無用》放映会与讨论

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- A Discussion into Chinese Contemporary Fashion Design

Organizer: The Third Hand
Time: 15:00 – 17:00, Sunday April 17, 2011
Location: Xindanwei, 50 Yongjia Rd
Language: Chinese & English
Cost: 30RMB/person (covering fresh ground coffee and tea)

Event Schedule:
15:00 Brief Introduction to The Third Hand Project & the Documentary “In-utile”
15:15 Movie Time (clip)
15:55 Break
16:00 Discussion on Local Fashion Industry
17:00 End

About the Event
Have you ever thought about the role clothes are playing in our life? Nowadays, as brands of any kind are flooding the whole fashion industry with lots of manufactured garments, we almost forget the importance of wearing clothes that we like. This Sunday afternoon at 3PM, come to gather and share with us your thoughts. First we will watch “In-utile”, a short documentary about the unconventional work of Ma Ke (马可), a Chinese fashion designer. Join us after for an open discussion.

Hope to hear from you here!

About the documentary:
The tropical humidity of Guangzhou. A garment factory. Some young workers coming from all across the country to work in the hot hectic of a plant. Fashionable clothes produced on an assembly line to be sell everywhere after. The design of the independent brand EXCEPTION is also coming into being. The young designer Ma Ke (马可) and her friends are creating a unique “exception”. She wants it to be her own fashion, history and culture combine into a clothing design. In the upcoming Paris Fashion Week 2007, Ma Ke (马可) will bring a “In-utile” series of garment to the fashion capital.
The movie is part of the “Artist Trilogy” from the director Jia Zhangke and won the Horizons Documentary Award at Venice Film Festival in 2007

About The Third Hand:
The Third Hand use the redesign of second hand clothes to convey emotions. Old clothes carry with them their own history and often represent for oneself more than an a simple product. The Third Hand is an attempt to pursue further the on-going emotional story hidden inside every cloth.
The Third Hand is a personal project from Qu Hongyuan AKA Yuan, a young fashion designer.


15:00 活动介绍
15:15 电影(片段)放映时间
15:55 休息
16:00 讨论中国当前时装产业
17:00 结束




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March 26, 2011

Weekend of Social Media | 社会性媒体周末

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Art Meets Social Media

Date & Time: March 26 (SAT) 14:30—17:00

Venue: Xin Dan Wei (N0. 50 Yong Jia Road)

Cost: 30RMB/person ( coffee and tea included)

With the advent of mainstream social networking technologies like Twitter, Facebook, Weibo and others, social media have created a new form of public space that is one part digital, one part social.  Artists have begun playing with and exploring this new social space, developing art that mixes the traditions of net art, public art, performance art and visual art.  Los Angeles artist and designer An Xiao Mina will be speaking about emerging trends in artistic explorations of social media.

Artist and designer An Xiao looks at the impact of new technologies, especially mobile and social media, as digital meets analog. She has shown her work in art spaces internationally, including the Brooklyn Museum, Yale/Haskins Laboratories, the Pacific Asia Museum and the DUMBO Art Under the Bridge Festival. Recently listed in The Guardian‘s “who’s who” of the Twitter art world, she has been featured in numerous print and online publications, including The New York Times, The New York Observer, Sing Tao Daily, The Huffington Post, ArtNEWS and Art in America.

her website:


UK App Industry Creative Entrepreneur Talks

Date & Time: March 27 (SUN) 14:30—17:30

Venue: Xin Dan Wei (N0. 50 Yong Jia Road)


Pre-registration acquired. Please fill in the registration form online via

As mobile technology continues to advance, applications or “apps” have not only permeated our daily lives, but also become an economic phenomenon in their own right. More importantly, they make it possible for large numbers of digital workers to start innovative and exciting business ventures. How are apps created? What are the most successful business models? What light do apps shed on the digital industry? The Cultural and Education Section of the British Embassy will invite app pioneers from the UK to come to China and share their business stories and keen observations on the application development industry.


Kevin McDonagh(Novoda Director)

Simon Oliver(Handcircus Founder)

About the speakers:

Simon Oliver founded micro-studio Handcircus in 2008 and has since seen great success with games such as ‘Rolando’. With 8 years’ experiences spread across digital agencies and the games industry, Simon has acquired a wide range of experience in the different disciplines that combine to create interactive content. From computer vision art installations and online multi-user games, to enterprise-level rich-media portals and learning interfaces for children, he has been a core part of a wide spectrum of projects, with particular expertise in developing apps for mobile devices.

Company site:

Kevin McDonagh is a Director at Novoda, a consultancy specializing in design-conscious performant software for the Android platform, building the next generation of social and geo-aware mobile applications. Prior to Novoda, Kevin worked as a developer for JP Morgan Chase, and also led a team developing an open source eco mapping solution within the Electron club. Kevin currently organises the UK section of Humanoid Events, a global conference which celebrates and promotes Android, regularly bringing together a community of developers working on this platform.

Company site:






费用: 30元/人 (包含咖啡和茶)

伴随着社会主流社会化媒体的到来, 如twitter, Facebook, 微薄等. 社会化媒体整在缔造一种全新的公共空间形式. 这种空间一方面是数字的, 一方式是社会性的. 艺术家已经开始把玩和探索新的社会空间形式, 开始发展一种融合传统网络艺术, 公共艺术, 表演艺术以及视觉艺术的新艺术形式. 洛杉矶艺术家及设计师安晓将在本次活动中探讨”融合艺术的社会性媒体”这一崭新趋势.

艺术家兼设计师的An Xiao着眼于新科技,尤其是移动电话和社会化媒体高度普及而带来的影响,挖掘出了虚拟世界与真实世 界的碰撞。她在世界各地的艺术空间展出过自己的作品,包括布鲁克林博物馆,耶鲁/霍金斯研究室,太平洋亚洲博物馆和 DUMBO Art Under the Bridge Festival。最近她出现在英国卫报的Twitter art world“who’s who”名单上,被许多媒体和 在线出版物广泛报道,包括The New York Times,The New York Observer, Sing Tao Daily,The Huffington Post, ArtNEWS 和Art in America。






费用: 免费




作为中英创意企业家网络的活动之一,英国App产业创意企业家分享会 将继续为中英两国的年轻创意企业家建立一个高效专业的互动网络,并通过一系列的活动分享创意。


Simon Oliver(Handcircus创始人)

Kevin McDonagh(Novoda总监)


Simon Oliver在2008年的时候创办了小规模的工作室Handcircus,之后开发出了很多成功的游戏,Rolando便为其一。拥有8年在数码咨询公司和游戏产业的工作经历,Simon积累了丰富的把不同领域的技术结合起来开发互动内容的经验。从计算机视觉艺术装置到在线多用户游戏,再到企业级的媒体门户网站和青少学习互动界面,他在很多不同项目担任了核心角色,尤其是移动设备应用程序的开发领域。


Kevin McDonagh是Novoda数码咨询公司的总监。Novoda是一家专长于Android平台软件产业的咨询公司,帮助软件开发者开发下一代的社交和地理感知移动应用软件。在Novoda工作之前,Kevin担任摩根大通的软件开发,同时在Electron Club里领导一个研发小组开发一个开源的生态电子方案。Kevin目前还为一个全球性的推广Android的会议 – Humanoid进行英国区的组织工作。



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November 11, 2010

Xindanwei Chitchat Edition 27: Susan Evans and ECO GLOBAL PARTY Chongming | 新单位茶话会第27期: Susan Evans和崇明岛全球生态派对

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Xindanwei Chitchat Edition 27: Susan Evans and ECO GLOBAL PARTY Chongming
Speaker: Susan Evans
Time: 19:00-21:00 Thursday, Nov, 11th
Location: Xindanwei, 50 Yongjia Rd
 30RMB (providing tea, coffee, soft drink and snacks, every participant will receive a voucher to experience Work-a-thon for free. More about Work-a-thon, please see; Free of Charge for Xindanwei Monthly and Yearly Member

Important Notice:
-This is a reservation only event, seats are limited to the first 40 people who are registered at the event page of Xindanwei website.
- Transportation: We highly recommend you to take public transportation instead of driving, for we are conveniently located next to Metro line 1, 10(Shaanxi Rd South Stop) and Metro 9 (Jiashan Rd stop) as well as bus line 96, 104, 911, 167,42,920,926,128,146,24

In this section of chitchat we will introduce Susan Evans and ECO GLOBAL PARTY Chongming. For the first time china is going to globally connect from Eco island Chongming with Zero carbon world concert, ride the planet earth and bring together Eco re-use, design and food markets.

To support your global climate, Goodtoshanghai and DESIS china are partnering to bring together fun, inspiring, sustainable and beneficial activities to help lower environmental impact. We would like urban residents to benefit, learn and enjoy through practice about how they can lower their own environmental impact through the little changes to their lifestyle.

On Chongming island people can join our party, rock to the great live music, scoot around the village on a bike, visit the eco design & food market and find a little treasure at the second-hand market

References for the zero carbon concert and ride the planet

Susan Evans is the founder and principle of Kplunk and GoodtoSH. Susan moved to Shanghai in 2008 and immediately set about exploring the perceptions, behaviours and ideals of urban citizens and experts in the field of environmental sustainability.

Her career experience started at the Fraunhofer research institute in Germany, working on the development of innovative technologies for the European Commission, moved into strategic creative development and the global network of Publicis Advertising Agency in London and San Francisco, later Vice President of FCB and Y&R and finally founding her own business Kplunk. Susan has worked on some of the biggest people brands such as Nintendo, Perrier and Volvo, and some world leaders such as Intel and Xerox , to name a few, plus reaping the experience and rush of working in Silicon valley during the madness of the internet bubble. Creating social change in China adds an exciting challenge to her portfolio.

Susan’s approach is to create desirability, demand and awareness at the micro level: “bottom up approach”. Focused on urban citizens this will complement and create pull for the macro approach: “top down approach” as new technologies, systems and infrastructure become available. Susan’s goal is to speed up the adoption of sustainable living so as to improve peoples quality of living and at the same time reduce use of non-sustainable natural resources and health threatening pollution.

Susan Evans: Adv. decision making in Environmental Sustainability, Post Grad, Research Statistics M.Sc, Computing, operational research & statistics, B.Sc hons, Sport, B.Ed.

More about Susan Evans:


新单位茶话会第27期:Susan Evans和崇明岛全球生态派对
演讲者: Susan Evans
时间: 11月11日,19:00 – 21:00
地点: 徐汇区永嘉路50号, 新单位
费用:每人30元 (包含咖啡和茶点, 每个参与者都可以收到新单位特别优惠券免费体验“加班马拉松”,更多有关“加班马拉松”的信息详见:, 新单位月会员和年会员免费

非常 重要!
-人数:该活动需要网上预定, 仅限于在xindanwei网站活动界面上前40位预定的观众入场.
-交通:我们附近的地铁与公交非常方便,建议您不要开车。地铁一、十号线(陕西南路站)九号线(嘉善路站)及公交96, 104, 911, 167,42,920,926,128,146,167,24等均可轻松到达。

本次茶话会将由Susan Evans 介绍中国第一次在崇明岛与零碳世界音乐会合作将生态再利用, 设计和食品市场联合起来. 这是goodtoshanghai 和DESIS 中国一起合作, 他们共同举办既富有灵感激发又能产生实际效用的活动来降低环境损耗, 从而对全球气候起到促进和支持. 在崇明岛, 人们能加入派对,尽享现场摇滚音乐和野外自行车骑游.


Susan Evans是Kplunk的负责人,同时,她也是GoodtoSH和01酷骑项目的创始人,也是目前上海可持续的绿色环保行动中最活跃的成员和联系人。 Susan于2008年来到上海,随后便立即了对中国城市居民和专家们对于可持续发展的观念、行为和理想的展开了调查和研究。

她的这项职业从德国的弗劳恩霍夫协会(Fraunhofer)开始,先为欧洲委员会创新科技的发展工作,而后在伦敦和洛杉矶的阳狮(Publicis)广告公司进行创造性发展策略和全球网络方面的工作,接着成为大桥广告公司(FCB)的电扬广告公司(Y&R)工作的副总裁,现在终于建立了自己的公司Kplunk. Susan曾为一些众所周知的硅谷名企服务,如因特尔(Inter)、富士施乐(Xerox)以及全球商业巨头,如任天堂(Nintendo)、毕雷矿泉水(Perrier)和沃尔沃(Volvo),这段在硅谷的时期经历了互联网泡沫的危机,大量的工作增加了她的经验收获。在中国,她为社会进步作出了一些创造性的贡献,这也使她的事业更有挑战性。


Susan Evans曾获学位:教育学士(数学;运动),理学学士(计算,操作调查;数据),理学硕士(数据调查),现读专科课程:环境可持续发展的未来决策

更多关于Susan Evans的信息:


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October 28, 2010

Xindanwei Chitchat Edition 26: From Designer to DIYer-Maker’s Movement Globally | 新单位茶话会第26期: 从设计师到DIY-全球动手文化运动

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Xindanwei Chitchat Edition 26: From Designer to DIYer-Maker’s Movement Globally
Time: 19:30-21:30 Thursday, Oct, 28st
Location: Xindanwei, 50 Yongjia Rd
 30RMB (providing tea, coffee, soft drink and snacks); Free of Charge for Xindanwei Monthly and Yearly Member

Important Notice:
-This is a reservation only event, seats are limited to the first 40 people who are registered at the event page of Xindanwei website.
- Transportation: We highly recommend you to take public transportation instead of driving, for we are conveniently located next to Metro line 1, 10(Shaanxi Rd South Stop) and Metro 9 (Jiashan Rd stop) as well as bus line 96, 104, 911, 167,42,920,926,128,146,24

Maker (DIY) has always been part of the culture driving the experimenting with new technology. With recent advance of digital technology and falling price of the components, mashing digital and craft become a new hobbyist movement. Web site such as instructables ( and Thingiverse ( have facilitate a global exchange of ideas and hacker spaces are spawned everywhere. The modern makers shares information on things from bags made from recycle clothes to UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) to robots. A lot of these exchanges also covered under the open source hardware license.
This chit-chat will cover this exciting global movement and how we want to facilitate it in Shanghai with xinchejian and hack hotel.

Speaker: David Li
maker, hacker and programmer. He received his degree in computer science from University of Southern California and in the past 20 years, he has worked in the area of virtual reality, online virtual space, enterprise computing, mobile system and lately social network applications.

演讲者: David Li
时间: 10月28日,19:30 – 21:30
地点: 徐汇区永嘉路50号, 新单位
费用:每人30元 (包含咖啡和茶点), 新单位月会员和年会员免费

非常 重要!
-人数:该活动需要网上预定, 仅限于在xindanwei网站活动界面上前40位预定的观众入场.
-交通:我们附近的地铁与公交非常方便,建议您不要开车。地铁一、十号线(陕西南路站)九号线(嘉善路站)及公交96, 104, 911, 167,42,920,926,128,146,167,24等均可轻松到达。

Maker一直致力于创造一种使用新技术来实验的文化. 最近随着在数字科技的进步, 硬件组件可以以更低价格购买, 数字技术和手工制造的混合使用使得Maker DIY正变成一种新的癖好运动. instructables 和 Thingiverse ( 已经良好的促进了全球性的观点交换,同时也使骇客空间无处不在. 当代maker分享如下信息: 从用可回收的衣服制作的袋子到用无人操作的空中交通工具再到机器人. 这些诸多的观点交换活动都遵循开源硬件条约.

本次茶话会将概览令人激动的maker全球运动, 以及我们怎么在上海的新单位通过新车间运作这项运动.

演讲者: David Li
动手者, 骇客, 程序员. 在过去的20年, 他获得了南加州大学计算机科学学位, 并在虚拟现实, 在线虚拟空间, 企业运算, 移动系统以及社交网络应用领域都有相关工作经验.


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October 21, 2010

Xindanwei Chitchat Edition 25: Technology and Consciousness | 新单位茶话会第25期:技术与良知

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Xindanwei Chitchat Edition 25: Technology and Consciousness

Time: 19:30-21:30 Thursday, Oct, 21st
Location: Xindanwei, 50 Yongjia Rd
 30RMB (providing tea, coffee, soft drink and snacks); Free of Charge for Xindanwei Monthly and Yearly Member

Important Notice:
-This is a reservation only event, seats are limited to the first 40 people who are registered at the event page of Xindanwei website.
- Transportation: We highly recommend you to take public transportation instead of driving, for we are conveniently located next to Metro line 1, 10(Shaanxi Rd South Stop) and Metro 9 (Jiashan Rd stop) as well as bus line 96, 104, 911, 167,42,920,926,128,146,24

Speaker: Dr. Gino Yu

Gino’s current work focuses upon understanding and developing ways in which media technologies can be applied to create experiences that provoke personal growth and inner exploration. Gino will speak about the Asia Consciousness Festival that he created to contribute to the global understanding of consciousness from an Asian perspective. It’s a non-profit established to support regional efforts in the study and application of consciousness. The first festival was  held in June 2009 and hosted more than 30 events across 16 days.

The goals of the Asia Consciousness Festival are to establish its position as a reputable one of its kind yearly international event in South East Asia, to showcase a range of experiential  and entertainment programs that is unique, fun and thought provoking in an inspirational way, and to gather a network of like minded thinkers and doers in the region.

Check out their website:

About Gino:
Gino Yu received his BS and PhD at the University of California at Berkeley in 1987 and 1993 respectively. After receiving is PhD, he taught at the University of Southern California and worked to establish multimedia initiatives including the Integrated Media Systems Center. From 1995 to 1997, he taught at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology where he helped to establish the Center for Enhanced Learning Technologies. In 1999, he established the Multimedia Innovation Centre ( at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), a leading edge think tank and research centre on digital entertainment. He is currently an Associate Professor and Director of Digital Entertainment and Game Development in the School of Design at PolyU where he develops projects at Playlab (, a commercially oriented digital entertainment laboratory he co-founded that focuses on meaningful games. His main area research interests involve the application of media technologies to cultivate creativity and promote consciousness. He also founded the Asia Consciousness Festival ( and developing consciousness and meaningful media related activities worldwide.



演讲者: Gino Yu
时间: 10月21日,19:30 – 21:30
地点: 徐汇区永嘉路50号, 新单位
费用:每人30元 (包含咖啡和茶点), 新单位月会员和年会员免费

-人数:该活动需要网上预定, 仅限于在xindanwei网站活动界面上前40位预定的观众入场.
-交通:我们附近的地铁与公交非常方便,建议您不要开车。地铁一、十号线(陕西南路站)九号线(嘉善路站)及公交96, 104, 911, 167,42,920,926,128,146,167,24等均可轻松到达。

Gino Yu博士是香港理工大学设计学院数字娱乐与游戏发展部的副教授和主席。他的研究涉及设计自动化、电脑动画、电玩游戏、创造力、意识研究等范畴,发表论文达六十多篇。主要研究媒体技术应用,及如何以之培养创造力并提升啓蒙意识(即具有深远意义的媒体)。他是 PolyU MERECL联合创始人,该机构为一家商业导向的数字娱乐实验室,为产业提供服务,他亦是香港数字娱乐协会的主席和联合创始人。他在1987年和1993 年在贝克利分别获得加利福尼亚大学电子工程与电脑科学学士与博士学位。同时也是一位作曲家

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October 15, 2010

Xindanwei Chitchat Edition 24: The Emerging Game Layer in New Media Startups | 为何大量新的媒体及网站使用嵌入式游戏互动元素

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Xindanwei Chitchat Edition 24: The Emerging Game Layer in New Media Startups
Time: 19:30-21:30 Friday, Oct, 15th
Location: Xindanwei, 50 Yongjia Rd
 30RMB (providing tea, coffee, soft drink and snacks) ;Free of Charge for Xindanwei Monthly and Yearly Member
Host: Frank Yu

Why all new media and internet sites will have elements of game dynamics and entertainment embedded within.

He believes that the best experiences are those that we learn and have fun with at the same time. His background reflects a desire to enable customers and users to craft their own experiences by giving them the tools and platforms to create and share with others
Technology Columnist at China Economic Review
Co- founder at Kwestr
Beijing Curator and Co-Founder at Startup Digest (Beijing)
Chief of Portal (founder) at FBMMO 逐行天下信息技术(北京)有限公司 CSO/COO at ShouJi Mobile Entertainment CSO/KLSI (advisor) at Cineo
Harvard University Kennedy School of Government
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-New Brunswick
Industry analysis, user experience, market research, strategy, interface design, coolhunting usability and ethnographic studies. game development, portfolio management and interactive entertainment.
His Blog:
His Talk:
His Company:
-This is a reservation only event, seats are limited to the first 40 people who are registered at the event page of Xindanwei website.
-Transportation: We highly recommend you to take public transportation instead of driving, for we are conveniently located next to Metro line 1, 10(Shaanxi Rd South Stop) and Metro 9 (Jiashan Rd stop) as well as bus line 96, 104, 911, 167,42,920,926,128,146,167,24
时间: 10月15日周五 19:30-21:30
主持人: Frank Yu
Frank相信把学习和享乐结合起来最好的体验. 他希望给消费者和用户一些工具和平台能让他们创造自己的体验并能与他人分享. 他目前是中经评论的科技专栏作者. Kwestr的联合创始人以及Startup Digest(beijing)的策展人和联合创始人.
工业分析, 用户体验,市场调研,策略,界面设计, 新趋势的可用性,人种学研究, 游戏开发, 创意作品管理, 交互娱乐


-人数:该活动需要网上预定, 仅限于在xindanwei网站活动界面上前40位预定的观众入场.
-交通:我们附近的地铁与公交非常方便,建议您不要开车。地铁一、十号线(陕西南路站)九号线(嘉善路站)及公交96, 104, 911, 167,42,920,926,128,146,167,24等均可轻松到达。

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September 10, 2010

xindanwei chitchat edition 21: Killer Game & digital-urban lifestyles | 新单位茶话会第二十一期:杀人游戏和数字城市生活方式

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xindanwei chitchat edition 21: Killer Game & digital-urban lifestyles

Time: 17:30-19:30 Friday, September, 10th
Host: Silvia Lindtner

In urban China today, not just our physical but also our technological infrastructures are rapidly changing. How do people experience these digital and urban transformation in their daily lives? What technologies do they use, for what purposes and where? How does technology shape the experience of the city and the ways in which people connect to each other? In this chit chat session, Silvia will present some of her past research with young professionals in Beijing and Shanghai, who have adopted a game called the Killer Game for a new digital-urban entertainment experience. Killer Game gained popularity in China around 2004-2006 as a party game. Around 2006-08 a group of young entrepreneurs set up their own Killer Game gaming clubs in Beijing, which subsequently spread into Shanghai, Wuhan, Hangzhou and other cities in China. The clubs are often advertised as new forms of entertainment, distinct from places like the Internet cafe, and to develop a culture of cool.

In this chit chat session, Silvia will talk about what motivates these young people to go to the Killer Game clubs and we will also play the actual game!

Silvia Lindtner is a PhD candidate in the department of Informatics at the University of California, Irvine. Her overall research interest lies in new media studies, human-computer interaction and urban studies. She focuses in particular on the role of digital media in creative practices, for social networking and collaboration in urban China. A crucial aspect of this work is studying the creative practices of individuals and informal collectives across digital and urban spaces. She has conducted research with two different social groups, urban youth and young IT professionals, and explored the different ways in which digital media come to shape their experiences of the city, the relationships to others and their work & leisure practices. Her work is published across an array of disciplines and she has presented her research at venues such as the Chinese Internet Research Conference, conferences in Human Computer Interaction and Collaboration, and the first international conference on Digital Media and Learning.



时间: 9月10日(周五)17:30—19:30
费用: 免费
主持人:Silvia Lindtner

在当今中国城市, 物理空间和技术基础设施都在迅速变化中. 人们怎么样在日常生活中体验这些数字与城市变革呢? 人们使用什么样的技术,为什么使用?在哪里使用? 这些技术怎么样影响人对城市的体验? 人们怎么样应用这些技术互相连接? 在本周的茶话会中, Silvia将陈述她在过去与中国和上海的专家一起做的研究: 杀人游戏作为一种新的数字城市娱乐项目.

杀人游戏于04年至06年间在中国迅速流行开来, 在06-08年间一群年轻企业家在北京创立了他们自己的杀人游戏俱乐部,名为Xclub, 然后迅速扩展到上海,武汉,杭州以及中国其他城市. 该俱乐部倡导一种区别于传统咖啡馆的新娱乐方式. 开创了一个超酷的文化.

在本期茶话会中, Silvia将谈论什么样的原因促使年轻人去杀人游戏俱乐部, 然后我们也会玩一把真实的杀人游戏.
关于Silvia的更多信息, 可以登录她的网站


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